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Protection Meditation - Techniques to Protect Yourself Using An Image of A Rose or Bubble

Updated on September 24, 2014

Protect Yourself with Meditation

There are many health benefits to meditating on a frequent basis, and there are many meditation techniques to ensure a healthy body and mind. Meditation can also be used to protect oneself from external pressures or stresses. Even though we may conduct our lives in a loving, caring manner, there may be times we come across someone who insists on pushing our buttons, or we find ourselves in stressful situations. Instead of lashing out, feeling overwhelmed or inadequate, we can use meditation techniques to protect ourselves from the negative effects certain people or situations have on us.

Every Rose Has a Thorn

The people we keep near to us should be positive influences in our lives. When people come into our lives that constantly stress us out or bring us down with their drama, we should try to spend less time with them, or eliminate them from our lives all together. This is not so easy to do when it comes to a family member or co-worker. In this case, we need to protect ourselves from their negativity which can be done through meditating on a rose with thorns. This meditation will help you to focus on the beauty in the relationship, but will leave the other person sensing your “thorns”. They will eventually leave you alone or at least be wary enough to approach you only when necessary, and will be eager to finish business quickly.


Guided Rose Meditation Video

Practicing the rose meditation:

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.

Gently close your eyes and take three to five slow deep breaths.

Return your breath to normal.

Picture in your mind a long stemmed rose in your favorite color. The flower part of the rose is nearer to you, and the stem is leaning away from you.

Behind the stem of the rose, imagine the face of the person that affects you negatively. See that person looking at the thorns protruding from the stem. Focus on this image for a minute or two.

Bring your focus to the beautiful flower part of the rose. Imagine how vibrant the color is and how soft the petals are. There may be some drops of dew sitting on the petal and you may even be able to smell its perfume.

As you focus on the beautiful rose, think positive affirmations of love such as “I am love” or “Only beauty and love enters my life”.

Focus on the rose, repeating the loving affirmation for a few minutes.

Gently open your eyes, ending this meditation with the knowledge that you are eliminating negative influences in your life while spreading loving thoughts.

Isolated Protection

We all feel a sense of unease at one time or another. Sometimes we can put our finger on it and take measures to correct it. Other times, it just feels that the whole world is against us as we may be approaching deadlines at work or school, or fulfilling the demands of our family or friends. This sense of unease leaves us feeling vulnerable and unable to see the beauty in our surroundings. Hopefully this type of feeling will pass quickly, but if you need a little help, you can surround yourself with a protective bubble. This bubble will help you disconnect from the feelings of unease and offer a shield of protection and beauty.

Guided Bubble Meditation Video

Practicing the bubble meditation:

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.

Gently close your eyes and take three to five deep slow breaths.

Return your breath to normal.

Imagine a very large clear bubble in front of you.

The large bubble has a door in it.

Picture yourself entering the bubble through the door. The bubble is filled with a brilliant, but calming white light.

See yourself closing and locking the door. Take comfort in knowing that you are the only person who holds the key to your bubble.

Inside the bubble is a comfortable seat.

See yourself sitting on the seat in the middle of the bubble with the white light swirling around you. You feel calm and protected. Take a few moments to feel the white light caress your face and body.

Picture the bubble start to rise.

Imagine that you are floating over the vast ocean, over the tops of tall trees, or over an open field filled with colorful wild flowers. Wherever you choose to float, as you look out the bubble all you see is beauty.

Float in your protective bubble of white light for as long as you like. Feel protected and calm.

When you are ready to return, imagine the bubble floating carefully and slowly down to the room you are in.

Picture the bubble landing smoothly.

See yourself opening the door of the bubble and stepping out of it. As you are stepping out of the bubble, you take comfort in the knowledge that you can return to it any time you like.

Bring your focus to your breath. Take two or three deep slow breaths.

Return your breath to normal and gently open your eyes.

Feel safe. Feel protected. Feel loved.

The meditation techniques mentioned above can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can use any positive affirmation you like while doing either meditation, or you may choose to “float” over a place that holds a special meaning for you. Just be sure to meditate with good intention.


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    • sflorsch profile image

      sflorsch 3 years ago from Fort Worth, TX

      That is interesting Bird talker. Maybe as a child with an uncluttered mind, you just innately knew how to give yourself a sense of protection at that exact time when you needed it. Or your curious mind could have also been wandering to see what is out there...away from the confines of the body.

    • profile image

      Bird talker 3 years ago

      I had experienced a meditation when i was a child .The only thing i remember is floating around in space in a bubble. And till this day i can't figure out what it was all about. If someone can explain or give an opinion on this i would appreciate it.