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Meditation: The Ultimate Entertainment

Updated on March 9, 2014

Meditation: The Ultimate Entertainment – By Christopher Lane

Our inner world can be a grand form of entertainment, ultimately leading us to the remembrance of our true-nature and connection with all that is. When we examine and witness the thoughts that come in and out of our consciousness as we practice meditation, without labeling or becoming attached to them, we can watch as they dissolve into the nothingness from which they came. When we dissect our emotions and things that we dwell upon in our mind’s eye, we may find that they really don’t exist and are only a figment of our imagination. A game that we all play with ourselves called: Being entertained by our mind.

Our mind is the playing field of our thoughts, and we are the players who manifest these thoughts into the arena of our lives. How we react to these thoughts that enter our consciousness will become our reality; every choice and action having an effect upon the quality of our lives, and a consequence based on the universal law of cause and effect.

Meditation is similar to television. When we tune into our inner television as we sit in silence, we may have hundreds of channels in our minds-eye. What a better form of free entertainment than to watch our inner TV? We may find that as meditate with consistency, we may choose thoughts, words, and actions in our lives that lead us and others to peace, contentment, and happiness. As we see the inherent goodness in ourselves and others and tune into more enlightening channels, we recreate the inner-story of our lives and connect to a higher frequency of energy, intelligence, and wisdom.

Meditation is a form of divine entertainment with a multitude of benefits, and is a cumulative process of continually letting go of the thoughts that enter our minds stage. Many states may arise as we sit in silence, becoming witness to our inner visions and voices. Letting them float in and out of our minds-eye without labels or judgment is the key to not getting drawn into their web. As we progress on this path we may encounter inner demons past and present and/or romantic fantasies that draws us out of our tranquility. Many meditation gurus have stated that we must keep letting these things go, and be ready when they enter our mind space to dissolve them with focused concentration and awareness.

In an era of myriad entertainment / communication devices, Internet and social networking sites, the idea of sitting in silence and watching our thoughts may seem dull and/or boring. Yet, the benefits are extra-ordinary, and a form of entertainment that may have profound effects in all aspects of our lives.

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