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Men, Too, Can Get Urinary Tract Infections

Updated on September 19, 2008

Men, Too, Can Get Urinary Tract Infections

While urinary tract infections usually affect women, men can get them, too. And they shouldn’t be ignored. Bladder infection symptoms include an increase in frequency of urination, a strong urge to empty the bladder (even though you may pass only small amounts) and a burning sensation during urination. In addition, you may have an overall sense of feeling unwell. If you also have pain in your back or abdomen, chills, fever or vomiting, you may be battling a more serious infection of the kidneys. The cause of urinary tract infection in men tends to be related to an obstruction in urine flow. Retained urine then creates a favorable setting for bacteria to grow. An enlarged or inflamed prostate gland can restrict urine flow, preventing the bladder from emptying completely. Narrowing of the urethra from an injury or from frequent inflammation can also restrict urine flow. In addition, bacteria from a bacterial infection of the prostate gland- prostatitis – can cause a urinary tract infection. And some instances, bacteria are introduced to the urinary tract via medical procedures, such as urinary catheterization


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