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Mental Health Using ASMR

Updated on April 9, 2019


I'm sure by now many of you have heard about ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Now this is a physical sensation that is characterized by tingling feeling that start at top of your head and travels down your spine. Now it can be triggered by a lot of different things like visual and audio stimuli and even through touch. Triggers are different for every person and that changes from opening and shutting a door, tapping, biting or chewing things. Research does show that most type of responses like these affects adults.

ASMR cures negativity
ASMR cures negativity

We will talks about benefits of ASMR and will know how it is useful to cure your depression and other negative feelings.

Central Nervous System:

According to scientists they say that this type of sensation in your body can really calm your central nervous system. So one of the benefits is that ASMR leaves calmer. And it is recently been seen that ASMR affects children as well not just adults. When you take a look at this that many babies and children you can instantly soothe by for example caressing their cheeks gently, tapping their back or just whisper in their ears. It has calming ASMR affects but that is just general calmness. ASMR actually helps handle anxiety so most of us get anxious for time to time for many different reasons and now there are others actually suffer from anxiety and it is triggered at various times.

Brain Tingling Sensation
Brain Tingling Sensation

Anxiety and Depression:

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America ADAA says that there are 18% of Americans roughly 40 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety and it is also considered the most common mental illness. Now there is meditation that you can use to treat anxiety.

However using ASMR you can actually overcome
anxiety without of having worried about any side effects. ASMR does have a soothing and calming benefit to it and if you do it properly then you can learn to manage your anxiety and control it in a much better way.

Research by ADAA on Anxiety and Depression
Research by ADAA on Anxiety and Depression


Insomnia is a big problem for a lot of people and statistics show that 35% of the population suffers from some form of insomnia and 10% suffer from chronic insomnia. This shows that a lot of people are not sleeping and lack of sleep can have a lot of negative affects on you including memory loss, fatigue throughout the day, you just feel it so exhausted, you can barely concentrate as well as inhibits your judgement.
So ASMR sleep technique includes lightly tapping your head as well as your face and this serves as a form of brain massage. A lot of people listen to ASMR recordings in their sleep as well as watch videos and watching ASMR videos actually promotes sleep.

ASMR counters Insomnia
ASMR counters Insomnia

Understanding Your Body:

Most of the people in certain times of their lives thinking about how does a body do this, how do they respond like that, why do they respond like that. And we try to make sense of our feelings and emotions and all that stuff. So of course these are common questions and concerns for most people.
Now there is a technical ASMR meditation and what it does it allows you to really understand the triggers of ASMR in your brain and why you can get them and how you can channel the ASMR affects in other areas of your life. So if you gonna get connected with your body sensations then do some ASMR.

ASMR Counter insecurities giving you Self Confidence and Improving Body Language
ASMR Counter insecurities giving you Self Confidence and Improving Body Language

Academic and Creative Benefits:

According to Doctor Craig Richards, an ASMR researcher as well as a bio pharmaceutical science professor, says that ASMR is our brain's height and weight of letting us know we are safe and in the presence of people who are caring for us. Studies have been showing that being care for and loved is very beneficial to mental and physical development. But how does it actually contributes to creative and academic benefits. When you see ASMR reduces the anxiety, depression, insomnia and recent studies have suggesting that ASMR when you use it as background music while you study or write your exams and the things like that it can actually calms anxious units down and can help them actually optimizer academic and creative potential. So ASMR really creates an atmosphere or creates a sensations knowing that somebody cares for you and loves you and is there to support you. It actually causes those feelings happening in your body and it creates some brain triggers that allows you to be calmer and you can just focus on what you got to do like exams or work on a video or music production.

Doctor Craig Richards's book on Mental Health
Doctor Craig Richards's book on Mental Health

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Bilal Hassan Nizami

Looking Forward to know your experience about ASMR in comment section.

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    • Bilal Nizami profile imageAUTHOR

      Bilal Hassan Nizami 

      11 months ago from Lahore

      Sure. i hope you find the book useful.

    • Ellison Hartley profile image

      Ellison Hartley 

      12 months ago from Maryland, USA

      Interesting. I definitely want to read that book! I have never heard of any of this before.


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