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Mental Peace and Negativity

Updated on December 1, 2014

Peace of mind!

How do you maintain mental peace with negativity in your life? First you need to identify the negatives which hampers your mental peace.

Negative feelings, thoughts and experiences play a huge role. Do we have to allow these negatives to restrict our happiness? Absolutely not!

All negative situations are unpleasant and cause some level of discomfort. The way we respond to these situations can have a very powerful influence on our mental mind set. Remember your mind set dictates your reactions.

Maintaining control of your actions with your personal mind set is the key to mental peace and happiness. You must not allow others or situations to dictate the way you feel. When we are frustrated are decisions may become poor. Our words and action may become negative. maintain control of your words and reactions don't give up your personal control.

People have used negative energy throughout history to control others. The mental impact of allowing someones negativity to have a negative effect your mental peace can be life altering. Do not allow someone to take you out of your good mood. Manage your personal reactions to others. When you feel your personal irritation level raising stop yourself and identify the cause and address it without allowing yourself to become frustrated. This may take some practice to master.

So how can we protect ourselves from these negative impacts? The goal is to maintain your mental strength. The best way to accomplish this is by remaining independent and aware of reality. Reality must be your life filter from all negativity.

Negativity can be people, places or anything which affects mental peace. Negativity normally start with an unhealthy environment or situation. Your goal must be to identify these situations before they negatively affect you. In reality this is easier said than done.

Many people find it more challenging to separate from negative situations than to deal with them. To stay in a negative situation you are maintaining the mental stress. With mental stress a peaceful mind can never be obtained. It's similar to someone placing their hand in a fire but continually wondering why they have burns on their hand.

Mental stress can lead to health problems and mental break downs. Remove negatives from your life and have the peace of mind you deserve and need.


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    • MisterCullen profile image

      MisterCullen 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Thank you for the feedback. Learning how to manage reactions is key.

    • Rob Winters profile image

      Rob Winters 6 years ago

      Very important message here.Learning to choose how to react (whilst easier said than done) can make a world of difference.Useful hub :-)

    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 6 years ago from Switzerland

      Mental Peace is important to live a healthy life. Knowing how to manage stress can help you have a Mental Peace, a piece of mind. Thanks for sharing.