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Mental thief

Updated on December 30, 2011

Those who went through my heart has been put into words my fault. I gave the most value for those who broke perhaps the most value. Can not shout loudly to me now? Is there a right or.
Which supplies rage dollar words in my throat, slowly, after begging apology yutkunurum. But not only deeper, more saklayabildim. Leaves of the tree a kind of way. A lot of those who do not have leaves, no one could have noticed. A lot of the suffering hissedemedi one tree to another.

I created the excuse of every problem on my own Çözemediğim.The problem in the problem. The only problem is that I know the answer after a while you forget your loneliness. Maybe hissettiremedim or you did not want to feel. Is there another chance? I was afraid to try again, this time dökemedim words.This time I drew. I drew up Çizebildiğim complex. Much as I can.Many more uğraşmadım in fact, mirrored my heart. As a lover of literature have not heard the name before, I met with colors. I painted my heart again faded. Parlattım my soul. And again, an unexpected moment tore canvasses, not enough to erase my words.

Solution did not ruin my life, obviously, but you still did not kill me, kill. Then I started to dance. Was not killing me no time to go I like it just was for the efforts engelleyemeyeceğin. For the first time you did something that I expected. You killed me. There is no one understood you sevemezdin, sevemedin me. Dreams cried wolf.You did not have dyes, in the words. I just wanted to get the ones to be happy. You stole from me but not find in itself. Dolmazmış love unless you say the eyes. Only içinmiş efforts to steal my tears. I did not give back my tears my heart to not. You stole my soul duyuramadım even my voice. I also could not live without you, but ölemezdim. I chose to die without you.


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