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Messages and Visitors in Dreams

Updated on July 3, 2019

Does this really happen? What does it mean?

We all have random dreams that either make no sense whatsoever, or have some relevance to our everyday waking lives. But, have you ever had such a vivid dream that you almost can’t tell the difference between the dream world and ‘reality’.

What makes this type of dream different? Is it possible that something is attempting to communicate with us? Could it be another aspect of the self that maybe we aren’t always connected to? Could it be something else altogether? Or both? Or nothing but our imagination?

How can one attempt to answer these questions?

All I can do is offer you my experiences in the hope that by doing so you can gain something that may be relevant or helpful in some way to you. I also hope you will comment and share some of your experiences to help me and others learn more about this subject.


When I was younger I had a few dreams that occurred on numerous occasions. These were mostly fear based and involved being buried alive, riding on a tidal wave and smashing into headland cliffs, falling from great heights and waking just before I hit the ground, and being chased around one of my childhood houses by skeletons. As far as I know I have not had any repeat dreams like this since. I also experienced dreams of being able to fly and jump really high over long distances, physically feeling how amazing and freeing this was.

I can only imagine that these dreams may have in some way represented my fears of this new and sometimes scary world that I had entered into, but also the freedom that an innocent child feels before becoming more and more influenced and limited by the ideas of the schooling system and society in general.


I don’t remember much about dreaming throughout my teens and early to mid-twenties, but started to pay more attention to them in my early thirties. I decided to start a dream journal and record my dreams each night. The easiest way to do this is to write down a few key words about whatever you remember each time you wake up, and then expand on that in the morning with greater detail. When I first started recording I found that I was remembering about two, maybe three, dreams per night. After a few weeks I realised that I was having on average around ten dreams per night. I had no idea in the past that I was dreaming this much.

Most of these dreams were about my family, friends, pets or work situation. However there were a few that stood out more than others. There was one particular dream that I feel may have been a message relating to a problem I was having with my hands. In my waking life the skin on my hands had started to become really dry and I was struggling to find a soap that wouldn’t eventually lead to flaky and painfully cracked skin. I even found that the more natural soaps weren’t helping. I had a dream one night where I was sitting with some friends and one of their mothers came over and cut her toe as she sat down. We all suddenly realised that she was going to die as she got something in her cut that was called benzoate. For some reason that word really stuck in my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I looked it up. I found out that benzoate is in a lot of personal care items and household products, including the hand wash I was using, and can cause irritant contact dermatitis.

It’s possible that the cut on her toe may have represented the cuts on my hands, and the fact that she was going to die in my dream might have been telling me that this ingredient may have been damaging to me at that time. I have since been using actual soap bars that don’t contain benzoate and the condition has improved significantly.


Another rather scary dream occurred one night where I found myself standing in front of the bathroom mirror. However, there was no reflection of myself staring back at me. All of a sudden I could hear a voice coming through from the other side, though I wasn’t able to make out the words. I was extremely fearful and felt as though the voice was coming for me and that I needed to escape. It was trying to pull me through the mirror into another dimension. I started trying to open the bathroom door but couldn’t and began screaming for my partner to help but wasn’t able to make any sound with my voice. I kept trying to scream out for help until my partner suddenly woke me up. He told me that I was making strange noises in my sleep as though trying to yell with my mouth closed. This was one of the most intense dreams I had experienced in a very long time and the fear it caused in me took a few days to settle down. I am still unsure what this represented for me and any ideas from others are welcome.

Do you believe you have received a message through your dreams?

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More recently my focus has been on understanding more about life and what it means to me. I suppose you could say that I have been on a spiritual journey of sorts and have been attempting to become more in tune with my intuition. One particular ‘message’ I received in a dream that was very relevant to what I was contemplating at the time was as follows: “Everything is neutral – YOU CHOOSE your frequency in relation to events”. Again, this one nagged at me until I wrote it down and gave it a good amount of time in my thoughts. I had always believed in right and wrong and struggled to understand why the world was so full of violence, greed and disharmony. This message has helped me to open my mind to the possibility that the world is just reflecting my own disharmony back to me, and that we are each fully responsible for our own state of being in every situation.

My partner has also had what he calls ‘visitors’ in his dreams that convey important messages to him. I am curious about the experiences of others and would love to hear what you think and have experienced in relation to this topic.


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