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Methods to Keep From Waking Up With a Pain in Your Neck Every Morning

Updated on August 2, 2012

It is very common that most of the people wake up with a sore neck every morning. With the natural process of cell deterioration each one of us experience neck pain at some point of our life. The cells of our neck start deteriorating after 20 years. In some cases the neck pain may not be local. Neck pain it could very painful and stressful irrespective of the cause. Neck pains can be corrected by correcting our sitting and sleeping posture. Many people feel that their neck pain is severe in the morning. The possible reasons for neck pain may be an injury, a muscular problem or a wrong sleeping posture. Worry, stress and use of computers for a long period may also be a reason behind your neck pain.

Neck pain symptoms may include headache, limited neck movement, stiffness and numbness in neck, changes in bowel movement etc. If you feel an electric and sharp pain in neck consult your doctor immediately as it is considered serious. Common neck pain problems can be solved at home only. Right posture, right pillow and stretching exercises are very beneficial in the neck pain. Some effective home remedies for the neck pain are discussed in this article below.

1. Take hot compress - dip a towel in hot water squeeze the water from the towel and cover your neck with that towel for at least 15 minutes. Take 2-3 compresses daily and before retiring to bed. It is an effective home remedy for neck pain.

2. Mustard oil - Heat a tablespoon of mustard oil and apply it on the neck region. Rub the oil with gentle pressure round the neck. It will relieve the strain and stress from the neck muscle. It is one of the effective and oldest home remedies for neck pain. It will also help in relieving swelling and stiffness of the neck.

3. Choose the right pillow and the mattress - most common cause of neck pain is wrong pillow. When a pillow does not support our neck the muscles become stiff and pain arises. Our necks should be supported properly at the time of our sleep. When the pillow is too high, too low or too soft it will affect the muscles and we will wake up with a sore neck next morning. Choose a firm mattress if you suffer from neck pain. It will help in keeping your head aligned with your spine.

4. Simple stretching exercise for the neck

5. Keep a check at your weight - people who are overweight are more likely to have neck pain. The weight of the body stretches the muscles and cause pain in neck as well.

6. Keep your work desk at eye level - most people often develop neck pain when they continuously work by looking down. Adjusting your desk at eye level will help eliminate the neck pain.

7. Correct your sitting and sleeping posture - do not sleep on your stomach. It exerts pressure on the cervical joint and muscle. If your work requires you to be seated continuously remember to take frequent breaks and maintain the right sitting posture while being seated.

Most neck problems respond well to the home remedies mentioned above. Complete rest and relaxation of the neck muscle is very important. Over the counter medications can also be taken if the pain is acute. Consult your doctor if the pain persists for more than 4 weeks.


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