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Methods to Stop Smoking Weed on a Daily Basis

Updated on June 27, 2016

smoking weed on a daily basis

While the occasional use of marijuana has shown little to no lasting side effects, those who smoke weed on a daily or regular basis carries consequences that you may not fully realize. Studies have shown that people who smoke marijuana regularly suffer from the following conditions;

- Clouds Your Brain

- Takes Away Your Ambition

- Reduces Your Energy Levels

The pot that people smoke today is a far cry from the 1960s when it offered a relatively mild effect compared to the intensified compounds that are used today. What used to be cited by those who smoked weed as inspiration today takes away your dreams and ambitions and replaces it with a numbing feeling that changes your identity.

Truth about Marijuana Dependence

A common refrain from those who smoke weed in particular is that “marijuana is not addictive” which is simply not true. Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse demonstrates that just under 10% of those who try marijuana become addicted. The percentage leaps up to 17% for those who first use marijuana as teenagers.

Today, roughly 2.7 million Americans struggle with marijuana dependence. In addition, up to 1000 people per day are going on search engines looking for information that helps them kick the marijuana habit. When you consider that’s 30,000 people per month, the issue of marijuana dependence is a real one for so many people.

The Failure of Traditional Methods for Quitting Marijuana Use

There are a number of methods that people have used over the decades to quit weed. But because the nature of marijuana is different that alcohol or dependence on hard drugs like heroin, the traditional methods are generally much less effective.

Going cold turkey is a method that has proven to be mostly unsuccessful for those who smoke tobacco and the result is no different for those who smoke weed. Going to a rehab facility is a drastic step and often not very productive since the overall effects of marijuana are not as life threatening as alcohol or hard drugs. Medical treatments are very hit and miss with no proven results that cover a large group of people. Getting addiction counseling can be quite expensive and 12 step programs have shown to be very ineffective.

How You Can Quit Weed

One effective method is the use of online self-guided programs to quit weed. It’s simple, private, allows you to quit at your own pace and is very inexpensive. The methods used in the self-guided program are safe and effective, helping many people to kick the habit of smoking weed.

Many online programs come with a money back guarantee and costs less than a single bag of weed. If you really want to get your ambition back, a return of your energy level, and clear up your thinking, then the online self-guided program is for you. The information contained will guide you towards reducing and eliminating your dependence. You will need to search for the right program that best suites your needs.

The good news is that the investment in an online guide is small enough that if it does not work for you, it will only cost you a little time and money. So, you can move on to other methods if need be.


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