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The Way of Thoughts- Understand and Conquer it

Updated on June 1, 2012

Give the mind a seed and it will become a tree.......OSHO

This is the thought process of the mind. It tries to make a problem more bigger than it really appears. The reality is simple but we tend to complicate it. There are many examples of such instances and here are some usual tricks played by the mind

1. You are ugly. You are unfit to be loved and cared for. No wonder you have no friends.

2. I know the result now itself. Failure is eminent.

3. Pain in the back. Tumor or worse cancer. Don't go to the doctor. Lets think about it again and again.

4. Everyone is staring at you. Why do you have to do that, You embarrassed yourself.

5. The task appears too simple, let me complicate it.

6. Don't laugh. you will cry afterwards.

7. You must be an perfect now itself, the very moment. Nothing else will do.

From outside perspective this looks humorous and it is. But this is what most of us feel throughout the day. To get rid of these negative vibes, we need to remove the source. Lets tackle from the first.

1. Friendship is not defined by beauty. It never is. If someone wants to be your friend by judging your external appearance, beware he/she is up to something. True friendship depends upon mutual interests. This is what draws two individuals together and the bond as a result will be strong and everlasting. Friendship takes time. Never rush to it. Give it time and you will have a strong friend circle.

2. Mind is the biggest pessimist. It is never satisfied with failure, it always wants more. Just observe, whenever you are successful, the mind becomes quiet. It does not want to be part of the celebration. But a mistake, and mind becomes energized. At last a domain it can relate to. My advise, don't follow the critic. Learn from your experiences and move on.

3. You have a headache, followed by a back pain. Most of the us believe it is terminal. We think about it again and again looking for comfort. But by contrast end of the day, we are a wreck believing in the worst scenario imaginable.

Instead of thinking about it, face it. Do a check up if necessary and see the cause. Net result. problem solved with least worries.

4. Being in a crowded place, we naturally feel insecure. This is because we are meeting up with new people in a different environment. These factors can produce a strain of tension even for the most social person. The common misconception we have during this time is

Everyone is staring at me.

All my actions are monitored.

However the reality is just the opposite. Everyone is as tensed as you, that they are busy looking after themselves rather than peep into your actions. Keep this in mind and see the tension vanish,

5. Why is life tough. Simple answer. Because we believe it to be. Mind dwells in complication. The more complicated, the better. There is an easy solution for everything. Note down what is affecting you and then write down whatever solution that comes up. Pick the easiest one.

6. The biggest misconception. Sure life is not all pleasant. However there is another side to it. After sadness, happiness is right around the corner. Enjoy your humorous moments to the maximum, Laughter increases the level of endorphin which is a feel good hormone. Also it reduces pain and clears the mind.

7. To achieve perfection is good. However over ambition can trigger negative energy. It takes time to reach our goal and life as such is a big learning process. Slow and steady do win the race.

Never be a slave to your mind. You are its master and not the other way round. Mind can be used as a tool and not as a critic. Focus on this and you will achieve true success.

"It is better to conquer yourself than conquer the world."


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