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Mastering Mind Control – An Amazing Conversational Hypnosis Technique

Updated on September 24, 2011
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Most Practical of All Mind Control Methods

Mind control is very old concept. It can be used to control your own mind as well as other person’s mind. There are many different types of mind control methods which are practiced depending on need and level of control. Some of the well known mind control methods are :

  • Brain washing
  • Hypnosis
  • Using drugs
  • Conversational hypnosis

Out of these mind control methods, conversational hypnosis is most practical form of mind control method for using it in everyday life.

The practicality of this mind control method comes from following facts :

  • You need not tell other person that you are doing it with them
  • You can perform it with ease in any day to day life situation
  • Unlike traditional hypnosis you don’t need a formal setup to perform it

Conversational hypnosis is performed by just talking to a person in any normal daily situation. While doing a normal conversation with a person subtle covert messages are sent to person’s subconscious mind. That is the reason it works like a charm because messages are not blocked by person’s logical brain. This mind control is performed by utilizing the little known secret knowledge about working of human mind.

Changing Person’s Mood - A Conversational Hypnosis Technique

Conversational hypnosis is vast subject and one post is too small to cover and teach all fine aspects of this form of mind control. But I am going to teach you and demonstrate one of the conversational hypnosis techniques which you can go and perform right away. I want to demonstrate you that it is simple, useful and you can really perform it by just talking to a person. This technique is safest of all and there is zero risk of you getting caught during performing it.

This mind control technique is used to change the mood of a person by giving subliminal messages to her subconscious mind. This technique is only necessary when you need to bring a person to good mood from dull or neutral state. We all know that for changing person’s mood to bad one, you do not really need any conversational hypnosis. You just say any nasty things and she would get upset. But it really needs some effort to bring a person to good mood and let’s see how you can do it by just talking to her.

Please first understand the objective of steps we are going perform in this technique. The objective is to change the emotional state of a person to happy emotions. For changing emotional state of a person to happy emotion you need to take her to happy memories of her own life. Now question is how you can find which memories of a person are happy?

The answer is hidden in known behavioral patterns in human beings. Memories belonging to vacations, festivals and most of the childhood memories are mostly happy. I am using word mostly because in rare cases it may be possible that person has gone through traumatic experiences in her childhood and those memories may not be happy. But being a rare scenario we can ignore it for now.

Another known pattern in human beings is that any old memories are perceived as happy memories. For example early days in college life, early days in profession or that matter any memories older than five years are perceived as good old memories. I am explaining this to you because in office and formal setup you may not be able to talk about person’s childhood memories and in those scenarios you should talk about early days in her career.

Control Your Destiny by Mastering Mind Control

Conversational Hypnosis Technique – Step by step example

Let’s take a step by step example of conversational hypnosis.

  • Do this when you are talking with a person and it looks like she has some free time to talk about informal topics.
  • From a current conversation you are talking now, bring out a topic about good old days. Let’s take an example to understand what it means.
  • For example, you are talking about today’s weather. You can talk something like “It looks like it is going to rain today. These rains sometimes remind me about my childhood days. I used to get wet in rain. Just getting wet in rain was such a pleasurable experience in those old days. We used to play in rain. Sometimes I used to just see others playing in rain and that too was a pleasure. Did you play in rain in your childhood?”
  • If you have read above statements with your full concentration and involvement then it must have brought in your mind few good old memories of your childhood experience in rainy days.
  • Allow me to dissect what we are trying to do here. First we are changing a topic by picking a related topic from original conversation. This is very important. You need to make this shift as subtle as possible.
  • Next we are talking about our own experience and bringing all good happy moments in conversation. We are using words like pleasure, pleasurable experience to add happiness to the story.
  • We are using visual language here by talking about getting wet in rain, playing in rain and watching others in rain. We can also additionally use auditory language like sound of rain and shouting of kids while playing in rain. This improves the effect dramatically.
  • We are talking about experiences that other person can easily relate to and she also may have experienced.
  • The last and important thing, we are ending the talk with question – “Did you play in rain in your childhood?” This forces person’s subconscious mind to go and search for similar experiences in her childhood.
  • When person start reliving her old memories she automatically goes to light trance and her brain frequency changes to Alpha.
  • Then if she starts talking about her childhood experiences then your job is done. She is bringing her good old memories and emotional state to present situation.
  • Just watch her talking and her mood changing to happy state. Allow her to do all talking and help her to talk about childhood experiences by providing clues and by asking small questions in between.

With this knowledge you are all equipped to use this technique now. Think about kind of conversation you do with a person whose mood you want to shift. Think about how you would change the topic to take her to childhood happy memories. Rehearse this mentally and you would be able to do it with ease in actual situation.

Try this technique and post comments to tell me about your wonderful experiences with this technique. I would share more such mind control techniques if you let me know that you liked this one.


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    • profile image

      rahul 3 years ago

      you are really great man .....

    • profile image

      marcus 3 years ago

      Hello friends I am Marcus Oakey want to tell my little story.

      On the first day, I was able to put people into deep trances! "

      This course taught my mind how to be a great hypnotist. Later I flip through a textbook and two things that surprised me. The first was that I was able to look over the pages and know exactly what you're writing about ...

      The second was that I was reading the pages at a rate of 5 seconds per page (and improving) I've noticed that a genuine knowledge of hypnosis allows the brain to automatically shift gears into higher states of learning. What the author shared has changed my life forever.

      I recommend this book to all my friends hypnosis.

      Download the book here:

    • profile image

      shubhaanshu 5 years ago

      Dear Friend,

      You have given a really working ready made script for us, believe it, I have been using this type of conversations with my family and friends and it always worked. After reading your article, I have got a better style to talk to people in a good direction which leads to happiness.

      Please provide some more articles with the same detailed description.

      We need to learn this.



    • Derek_Lane profile image

      Derek_Lane 6 years ago from USA

      I really liked the step by step example. Thanks for the pointer too the resources.