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Mind over Matters of the Heart

Updated on June 5, 2021
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Brian is an aspiring writer that seeks to inform and educate the public through informative and educational pieces from various categories.

Mind over Matter of the Heart
Mind over Matter of the Heart

Life as we know it is not a bed of roses and there will definitely be good days as much as there are bad days. The unpredictable circumstances in life are what makes it more interesting and memorable. It is the combination of sunny days and rainy days that we experience, which gives life a refreshing twist.

There will be days when you feel like you are on top of the world when everything is going as planned, but the very next thing you know you may also face certain situations or circumstances that might upset the balance. If it is up to us, I am sure all of us want to be handed the good life – a life that is not lacking in any way and free of worries, struggles, and suffering. But as Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”.

If you realize, we humans are programmed with the desire to keep away from uncertainty and things that scare us and have the potential to harm us. That is called the survival instinct, a mechanism that allows us to recognize and avoid such instances. However, we are also blessed with the ability to overcome such adversity and challenges if we indeed encounter such situations.

Generally, mind over matter is defined as the ability to use our willpower to overcome any physical limitations that we face. Frankly, the power of our mind transcends beyond that. In fact, the power of the mind if harnessed appropriately will enable us to achieve greater heights than we usually limit ourselves to.

Although the mind is not a tangible thing that we can pull apart to physically analyze and comprehend its complexities, knowing how to direct it allows us to set the tone and direction of the life we wish to lead. This, of course, will require practice and repetitions for it to happen spontaneously over time.

Have you ever wondered how the rich and successful seem to have things in perspective and here we are struggling to comprehend the secret to their success?

Some of these success stories are of people that come from humble beginnings but manage to build a life that is far better than their past. In this context, the power of the mind does play a role in enabling this group of people to create the life they want. I believe you know that it is very easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking any time of the day, but it is certainly hard to stay positive when things seem to be going south.

We Manifest What We Think of Most of the Time and Believe It or Not, We Are What We Think

I was never crippled until I lost hope. – Nick
I was never crippled until I lost hope. – Nick

We embody the thoughts we have in our mind and display it in the manner we carry ourselves through life. When you tell yourself that you are brilliant and beautiful, you carry yourself with the poise and confidence that will diminish the insecurity that was there in the first place. Every human being has their weakness, but the way we choose to use it to our advantage is the key to overcome the thought of lacking and being insufficient.

Take, for instance, people that are born disabled but they do not allow the disability to take away the life in them. Instead, these group of people are some of the strongest fighters with exceptional mindset. They experience life in their own terms by not allowing their disability to define them. They utilize the power of the mind to overcome their physical shortcomings. One living and breathing example is Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs but did not allow that to stop him from creating a successful and purposeful life he desires with the person he loves.

What You Feed Your Mind Is as Important as the Food You Eat

What You Feed Your Mind Is as Important as the Food You Eat
What You Feed Your Mind Is as Important as the Food You Eat

Food provides the fuel necessary for our body to perform at optimal levels. It is a form of sustenance whereby the body receives the necessary nourishment to enable critical functions to facilitate life. Our mind is similar to that as well. The mind navigates us in our life journey and it requires a special ‘input’ in the form of positive thoughts to guide us to the appropriate path.

Feed your mind good and positive thoughts and you will rise through any hardships or obstacles. On the other hand, allowing bad and discouraging thoughts to infiltrate your mind, even a good opportunity will be seen as a hurdle that is too hard to overcome. The logic behind this is that if you put in ‘garbage’ into your body that is exactly what you are going to get as a result. So, choose to ‘feed’ your mind good thoughts that encourage positivity if that is what you seek.

Our Thoughts Give Birth to Action. Thoughts Serve as a Foundation Towards the Action We Choose to Take

We use our mind to formulate the thoughts that regulate our actions. The thoughts that are formed in our mind is the precursor that motivates the action we take. The mind forms the thought that is supported by a specific intention to accomplish a certain objective. When we have something in mind, it will affect the way we behave and the decision we make as a result to achieve the intention.

Thus, it is crucial to train our mind to produce thoughts that are beneficial towards what we intend to achieve in life. For instance, if you seek to be a successful writer, you can use your mind to direct you towards choosing the appropriate actions that will enable you to be a successful writer. In this case, you opt to spend time on reading materials and exploring different writing styles instead of engaging in video games as a past time.

You Attract What You Seek and the Universe Delivers It to You

Every single thing that is within this Universe actually vibrates at a particular frequency. This includes even the intangible thoughts that we have in our mind. Without us realizing, our thoughts are actually transmitting signals in the form of vibrations even though it is not visible to the naked eye. These vibrations are projected into the Universe and as a whole, shape the kind of life we live.

Each individual sends out their very own unique vibrations, which is why there are no two people going through similar life experiences. Our journey in life is different but we do cross paths with those that share certain similarities with us or emit the vibrations that attract us to their path and vice versa. This is why when we think good thoughts and condition our mind correctly, we can produce good vibrations that in turn attract the good in life towards our path.


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