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Mini Exercise Bikes - Portable Pedal Exercisers - Small Bike

Updated on February 23, 2012

Mini pedal exercisers are ideal for small spaces. Unlike bulky home fitness machines like treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and suchlike, mini exercise cycles take up very little space while in use and when you are done, the cycle can stow away under a bed, in a closet or even in a deep drawer as they really do take up very little room. Anyone with limited space will appreciate just how small pedal exercise machines are allowing you to get in a workout without having to leave the house but still enjoy your normal life without having to give up permanent living space to achieve your fitness goals.

The Health Benefits of Mini Pedal Exercise Cycles

Compact pedal exercisers pack quite a punch for such a tiny machine. These small exercise bikes are not going to give you close to the same work out you would receive from a full size gym machine but then that’s not their purpose either. Miniature pedal exercise cycles for small spaces are aimed more at the home user who needs a quick portable fitness cycle which is easy to store, will not cost a fortune and which is ideal for small space availability.

Miniature bikes offer the kind of convenience which makes buying one well worth the comparatively small price tag, as they are ideal for a number of situations. For example, some of the benefits are little exercise bikes include:

Get Fit While You Work!

A mini exercise bike gives you the opportunity to fit your work out schedule around you sedentary day job, which is why they are sometimes called under desk exercise bikes. As it’s small enough to fit underneath an office desk, so you can take your pedal exerciser to work, slip it beneath the desk and pedal yourself fit while you do your every day job. Then, you can either leave it there below desk, pop it in a desk drawer for tomorrow or take it back home at night because they are so lightweight and easily portable.

Travel A Lot? A Mini Exercise Bike Is Your New Best Fitness Friend!

For people who are always on the road, whether it be for work reasons, or you just like to get out and about a lot visiting friends and family away from home, it’s often hard to find the time to stay in shape. Fitting your fitness schedule around business trips isn’t easy for the most part, but that’s another area in which portable exercise cycles shine.

Mini pedal exercise bikes are great for throwing in the trunk of your car, or slipping into a suitcase so you can pull it out in your hotel room, guest bedroom or wherever you are staying and get in a quick cardio routine any time you have spare. Burn some calories before breakfast or relieve some tension after the day is done without having to find a local gym or worry about whatever facilities might be available at where you are staying, especially if you are pushed for time.

A Small Portable Pedal Exercizer Might Fit Where Nothing Else Does

Lacking Space For Full Size Fitness Machines? Go Compact Instead!

A compact exercise cycle gives you the opportunity to actually fit some fitness equipment into your home when you may otherwise have thought it impossible. No, it’s not going to replace the reclining gym bike you dreamed of, but get comfy on your coach and hit the foot pedals and it’ll come pretty close and it’s a cheap alternative too. Stowable fitness cycles like these are ideal fitness bikes for apartments, dorm room, the workplace office, condo living and anywhere else where space is at a premium.

It's A Lower and Upper Body Workout Machine

It’s Great Fitness Equipment To Target Lower Body Areas

If you are particularly looking to strengthen your leg muscles, tone flabby thighs or to find which fitness machine is best to get slimmer, sexier legs, then you will definitely get some bang for your buck with a personal pedal exerciser. These small foot pedal exercisers target the lower body entirely, although you can always pick up some tension bands, weighted gloves or dumbbells and work out your upper body as you cycle to get a full body workout out of some very compact sized equipment.


It Provides A Great Upper Body Workout Too!

The really nice thing about these is that they are so versatile. Turn it into a table or desktop hand pedal cycle by simply taking it off the floor, putting it on a desk, bench or other flat surface and use your hands to move the pedals to get a great upper body work out too! Hand crank exercise cycles strengthen arm muscles, tone up flabby chicken wing arms and tighten loose floppy skin and offer a great cardio workout too which can be performed by people of all ages and abilities.

Second Hand and Used Mini Exercisers

You may be able to save a few dollars or find a better quality machine for the money you have allocated for this purchase by shopping around and looking at discount mini fitness bikes from sites like Amazon. You can also save money by choosing to buy a used pedal exerciser too.

Make sure you look at a barely used machines for sale by owner from a seller whose fitness plans ran foul of disintest rather than buying a beat up old machine which has received a daily pounding and is ready for replacement. Used mini exerciser cycles can also be found refurbished and remanufactured where you should be getting equipment which has been brought back to virtually new condition.

There are several places to look for these kinds of things, but for online shopping, consider ebay and craigslist. The latter will save you shipping and might offer more convenience but the former has a much larger number of listings to peruse. Some small portable fitness cycle exercisers available on ebay right now include:


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