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Minoxidil bestellen

Updated on May 16, 2011

History of minoxidl

Minoxidil was in the fifties of the last century developed as antihypertensive agent in pill form under the brand Loniten. During the testing phase of the product was a prominent side effect observed: in all limbs and heads of the subjects took the hair here!

Minoxidil and hair growth agent

After the discovery of the hair growth stimulant minoxidil was developed. This resulted in a minoxidil-containing lotion in 1988 under the brand names of Rogaine (U.S.) and Regaine (outside U.S.) on the market. Rogaine was the first officially registered proven hair growth drug.

Meanwhile, the patent on minoxidil expired, and there are many (cheaper) generic versions entered the market (Kirkland, Spectral UHP). Minoxidil lotion is not only a 5% solution for sale, but in 2% (for women) and heavier variants of even 15%. Studies have shown that higher doses would work much better: the 5% version was 45% more effective than the 2% version. Yet people are often advised to start with the lighter version to see if side effects occur, such as excessive hair growth or low blood pressure. Minoxidil lotion is now in many countries an OTC (over the counter) drug for which no prescription is required. It is recommended to use higher concentrations of minoxidil to consult with your doctor.

The effects of minoxidil

There has over the years much research to assess the effect of minoxidil on hair growth can be explained. The operation is still not precisely known. Originally it was thought that minoxidil helps to improve blood flow to the scalp, but that seems outdated [source]. The latest theory is that it is because minoxidil in the class of drugs called potassium channel openers (PCOs) should be. It seems that PCOs stimulate hair growth. In any case, it means no effect on hormones, such as the resources finasteride, dutasteride and saw palmetto. Because the hormonal agent is not only a general stimulating effect on hair growth, minoxidil may also be for many species (not just androgenetic) hair used.

Expected results of minoxidil

Minoxidil has many satisfied users, but is no panacea. At 60 to 80% of users found a positive effect (stabilization or regrowth), but only 6 to 30% the result is "cosmetically satisfying". People who have been long suffering from hair loss can benefit, but completely new hair on bald spots occurs rarely. It works mainly in men and women who not so long (5-10 years) and especially his balding at the crown.

There is reason to believe that minoxidil works as long as the constant use. The recovered hair from minoxidil are thus "minoxidilafhankelijk. From research has shown that men who had regrowth with minoxidil and finasteride both, perceived decline after stopping minoxidil alone.

Although minoxidil stimulates hair growth, does not in fact the underlying cause of androgenetic hair loss (by DHT). The plea has no anti-androgenic activity and thus is not impeded that DHT to the androgen receptors in hair follicles. Ultimately, using only minoxidil therefore most are not enough to permanently prevent hair loss.

Like all other hair growth should minoxidil be used to continue any results anywhere.

Side effects of minoxidil

Minoxidil lotion may be seen as a safe way. The biggest problem that can occur is unwanted hair growth. Problems arise with topical application hardly. Adverse events are reported occasionally include dry skin, dizziness and headache. It can still slight increase in body hair and beard action, because small amounts of minoxidil through the skin into the bloodstream. Some doctors believe that minoxidil may be dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease.

Minoxidil in combination with other agents

The combination of finasteride with minoxidil is popular among people with androgenetic hair loss. Although studies have shown that finasteride is more effective than minoxidil alone in the fight against AGA in the long run, also revealed that the funds in combination work better than either of the two separately. The reason could be that both the growth is promoted as the androgenic genetic causes are addressed.

Another popular combination with minoxidil shampoo containing ketoconazole as Revita shampoo .


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