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Miracles We See

Updated on May 31, 2013
Babies are miracles
Babies are miracles

Life is amazing. The older I get, the more I realize the miracles of life. My terminology is correct. These are not just blessings, but down right miracles!

I once heard that “Youth is wasted on the young!” Now I know what that means.

It means that young folks have not lived long enough to really understand the elements of a miracle or the order of life. And that is as it should be, but would it not be great if we had some of that miraculous youth as we age with wisdom? Guess somebody did not think so.

White hair, age, experience, life, gives wisdom in small or huge ways. Sometimes we just have to sit still and be quiet.

Once that is done, a whole new world opens.

I never realized this was true, until now. I glean so much from just observing my surroundings. Especially when I am around family.

My family means the world to me. As, I am sure, your family means the world to you. However, do you really know them? I thought I knew mine, and then I began listening instead of talking. (Not that I don't do my share of talking – I'm the Mamma after all! <grin>)

I won't bother telling you what I learned. It will suffice to say I learned I knew much less about my grown children than I thought I did. I was amazed. They are amazing people.

I sat and watched the ducks on the local pond. They have a tremendous sense of family and tradition. Amazing!

I sat and observed the folks coming in and out of a local shopping mall. Amazing what each one of us reveals about ourselves, by the way we walk, talk and look or don't look about. I love playing the “people watch” game with my spouse.

I watched a documentary on Tyler Perry, the creative mind today. I learned that if you have a gift, and we all do, it is our duty to use that gift, even if it is in a small way. God will grow it in His own time. This has also been the message from church. How interesting I heard it more fully by watching the documentary. A miracle!

All of these things are amazing and miracles in their own right.

Have you ever wondered how a hummingbird learned to flap his wings hard enough so they would not have to stand on their feet? A built in miracle. The hummingbird cannot stand on its own two feet. It weighs too much for it's spindly legs. It can stand for a second and step sideways and then it will fall.

A miracle!

My yellow rose bush bloomed this week. It has yellow blooms that are circled with pink petals. A miracle, since it is not a hybrid! And it has oh so beautiful of a fragrance. I love fragrance in blooms but because of pollution, past and present, so many do not have fragrance. Another miracle in my life. My roses and peonies.

Children born with disabling diseases are told what their limitations are and with the loving care of their parents or guardians or someone, overcome such a diagnoses. Those told they will never walk, do. Those told they will be in a wheel chair forever, aren't. Miracles!

Hen and Chicken plants. Look closely at how hardy they are. An absolute miracle. They don't die in the coldest of winters, they thrive and change colors. Beautiful plants.

To live long enough to see Great-grandchildren. That is a miracle! To hold your grandchild in your arms and feel their essence...yup! Another miracle!

For me, personally, many miracles occur each and every day.

The first of course is I wake up. J Then my body is proficient in doing its daily needs. Miracles happen in the bathroom every day, for which I am extremely grateful. Just think how many folks in this world cannot have healthy bowel movements or cannot void when they need to? Miracles, folks!!

I am able to drink, to eat, to see, to feel, to smell, to hear, to know. So many cannot. This is a miracle to me.

I am still able to use some of my long known talents. I sew, I counsel, I am still able to do public speaking. At my age, a miracle. I have no fear.

I have Fibromyalgia/Myofacial pain disorder, Diverticulitis, Diabetes, CAD, Heart stints and a pacemaker. I also have IBS (which can be an inconvenience) and I have major back problems. These illnesses are in their own right miracles. With each one I have learned valuable lessons and I am still able to share those. A miracle!

I guess I want to emphasize that my life is a miracle and so is yours.

Take a good look at your life and count the miracles. You will be amazed! I certainly was and am each day. Nothing like a good dose of your own personal miracles to start your day out right!

Y'all have a great day!


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