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Mobility Products and Design (MPD) Hand Controls Price and Installation Info

Updated on March 31, 2012

Example of the 3502 MPD Hand Control

Mobility Products and Design (MPD) Hand Controls Models

Utilize this hub to find out exactly whether MPD’s hand controls are right for you, and see alternatives from other manufacturers on my profile too.

Mobility Products and Design is very similar to MPS Monarch in many ways. They’re both quite popular and widely available in the United States.

They offer simple yet effective hand controls at a reasonable price considering their permanent installation requires a mechanic trained to specifically install disabled equipment onto the vehicle.

One thing I’ll mentioned which will make you don’t end up too confused is that MPD has ‘base’ models such as the 3300 push rock model, but most base models then have 2-4 different variations which usually indicate a different handle (such as handle, knob and several other types too).

I’ll list the different models they have below and then go onto talk a little bit about them:

  • MPD 3300 Push Rock
  • MPD 3400 Push Pull
  • MPD 3500
  • MPD 3501 Brake Only
  • MPD 3502 Advanced
  • MPD 3700 Advanced Push Pull

Now remember that all of these have several different variations (however just remember that these changes are very slight).

The MPD 3501 Brake only model is the same as the regular base 3500 apart from the acceleration mechanism is removed.

The ‘advanced 3502 is the same as the 3500 apart from instead of having a handle or knob you have a tri-pin attachment which is mounted to the floor which allows you to rest your hand, have a more secure grip and allows you to engage the acceleration/brakes with your palm if you have a weak grasp.

  • If you want to read about each Mobility Products and Design model then see my page on MPD hand controls here.

From here you can find out about its competitors and concisely find out what’s right for you.

MPD 3500 Hand Control's Full Set

MPD 3400F

The Price of Mobility Products and Design Driving Controls

The costs involved with the purchase of the base model and the installation are very similar to MPS Monarch and you can expect to pay between 500-800 dollars depending on the model.

  • One aspect of purchasing hand controls which people tend to overlook is the price of the installation which varies from disabled car dealership.

It’s the hours required times by the hourly rate. Make sure they quote you both figures beforehand because although you won’t find substantial price variation between disabled car shops on the price of the model itself the installation cost is a completely different matter.

The best thing to do is ring around to get the best deal and you’ll be surprised at how much variation there is in the hours taken which should theoretically be very similar… especially for trained professionals.

MPD 3501KBX Driving Control

Installation Info on MPD Handicap Hand Controls

The one great thing about almost all of MPD’s handicapped hand controls is that they don’t substantially interfere with able bodied driving due to their useful design and installation.

  • The linkage between the handle for your driving controls is attached to the top of the pedal and doesn’t affect someone pressing down with their feet.

What’s more is that their pedal guards (and left foot gas pedal), steering wheel controls and handles for the hand controls all feature a quick release mechanism so that you can rapidly make the vehicle able to cope with regular usage.

What do I recommend?

As always for casual driving and for disabled people who are on a budget then I recommend portable hand controls. These are significantly cheaper at around 250 dollars and can be purchased online and delivered to your house.

For those who are looking for an easy driving experience (or with extremely debilitating conditions) then Menox, GuidoSimplex and Veigel would be my next option, just bear in mind they’re comparably much more expensive at around 2,000 dollars.

Finally for those who want stability and permanent installations without over the top price tags then I would recommend either MPD or MPS Monarch. Generally 700 dollars is a good rough estimate for a standard set including their installation.

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