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The Average American Woman is Now a Size 16-18

Updated on May 25, 2017
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Kerri is a writer and an amateur photographer from Jackson, Tennessee. She's also awesome and 140 characters isn't enough for her bio.

The average American woman now wears a size 16–18.

Regardless of the fact that the majority of women will disagree with me (mostly because of their relatibility [I think I made up a word, but it really should be a word…] to the the aforementioned statistic), this obesity justification hiding behind anti-bullying (against “body shaming”) has got to cease.

I 100% understand that some people can NOT help being overweight. I am not referring to you, and I mean no offense to you. But unless you’re the 1 in a million person with Cushings Syndrome (which is three times more prevalent in men, btw), or 1 in 10k-30k with Prader Willi Syndrome, or have a super-stubborn case of hypothyroidism that doesn’t respond to treatment, or you are on a medication that causes weight gain that has benefits that clearly outweigh the risk of obesity, then I AM talking to you.

These magazines reporting the increased average size of a woman make me sick. They’re not writing articles addressing the health concerns. They’re writing articles addressing the fact that they are MAD that clothing designers and manufacturers aren’t catering (no pun intended) to the commonality of obesity. One article even says that plus-size should no longer be called “plus-size” because the majority of women fall into that category.

“Big beautiful women” and similar endearing terms are, to me, justification of obesity just like “a woman’s right to choose” is justification for murder.

I’m saying if that’s the average, at least half of the women in the study wore a size significantly larger than 16–18. Some women wear bigger sizes due to their shape and bone structure. Plus there are calculators like the bmi, which alone is kinda garbage. But together with the waist to height ratio, pretty helpful in determining a person’s risk for obesity. News headlines don’t say, “change the medical findings to state that plus size is normal.” They target superficial moneymakers like the clothing industry.

Overweight and obese are not the same. What started out as accepting a few extra pounds, which is fine, turned into accepting an extra hundred pounds.

I love different people, but obesity isn’t a unique trait worthy of praise.

It seems like we are so worried about offending someone that we act pacifistic, praise them for their beauty, and go on about our business. The problem with that is the issue evolves into a bigger one.

Now preventable healthcare costs associated with obesity are over $250 billion annually.

Another problem is that this isn’t a pacifistic country. We murder people as punishment (which I support) and we bomb other counties and go to war (also support), but we justify the number one health issue in this country by sugar-coating (pun) it and calling it beautiful.

Being underweight has health risks too, but less than 9% of women fall into that category, so it’s not an epidemic. 40 years ago more people were underweight than overweight. Now more people are obese than underweight. Plus underweight can have its medical causes too, like hyperthyroidism.


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