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Kinds of Power. Make Use of Them!

Updated on May 1, 2013

Power Is Multipliable

You have power, more than you know. The key is in getting assists from the around, your friends, technology and the divine. Lifting a weight with raw muscle power versus operating a giant crane with your knowledge and some lever pulling is a good example. Our current world of technology and human force tells us that power is multipyable. And so it is for you! In fact, power is so powerful that it is often used against our efforts and actually gets in the way.

Nullification Power

Much of the time we employ power that counters our efforts. A simple example would be over drinking so that your next day's efforts are thwarted and diminished. On one night you use your tremendous sense of youth and its power against the power of holding your job and manifesting strength in the working environment. "Nullification Power" is what we use in often very grand ways to "blow up" years of powerful efforts in a treasured relationship just to argue, prove a point, employ rancor and bitterness getting back at someone after years of "petting your anger with your tears and fears" - so that in one night, you use your nullifying power to take away the vitality of a relationship that you built, brick by brick with your heart and soul. And now its gone. Or terribly dismantled.

Resurrective Power

The determined mind can bring great power to a situation that is begging for that power. If someone really wants to be forgiven, they generally can be. The question is whether we are ready to "walk on broken glass" to get there. You have the power, oh yes you do. Its just whether you have the power to reduce your pride! The allocation of human energy in this way is an excellent method for asking yourself vital questions each day.

Are We Ready To Pay On the Other Side?

Life is very transactional. Often we don't want to look at it that way, but the power to move a transaction through to completion is often what is required. You will have to pay for every decision you make on the other side. Pay down debt. Get ready to do without. After all, you got into debt with the power to make those decisions. Now on the back end, you have to summon up the power to deal with lack. You have the power to vow in a wedding. Do you also have the corresponding power to back up your vow? If you want to invest in a business do you have the staying power to nurture it onward. Do you have the power to concentrate on whether the investment is worth it? The process of our own power weakening us has much to do with misunderstanding the transactional nature of daily life.

Science Power

"Inertia" is not just a word invented to help explain why we want to stay in bed. Although it will do. Inertia is a great scientific phrase: "Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest". And you thought it was all about feeling ponderously tired. Inertia is all about snow coming down on a little mountain cabin. Muddy hill tops overwhelming a rain forest village. Inertia is about why everything tends to stay just like it is unless something powerful comes along and overcomes it, and then something even more powerful tends to stop it. Think about the powers that come from science and the around, they all have analogies in the human sphere. Rocket power is analogous to much human effort. But only recently did we have that science available to our imagination and knowledge.

Mirth and Joy and Excitement Create "Rock
Concert" Power

Gravity and inertia fill up our life so much that we don't think about them. But perhaps we also don't think about the exciting powers of human joy and excitement. Power sources can be tapped, great ones, if we reach inward for the sources that stem from above and without, to bring new change, new thought, new plans, new accomplishments, and brand new selves to the fore. These powers are precious and sometimes tenuous, but if we have the power of concentration, focus and new will, we can do things that in the past were not imaginable to us. Once we begin to see the power of the positive, we can then envision new plans, and have the power of patience to exert self like a black smith to bring the wonderful new deed into manifestation. What is that electricity at a rock concert? Not the amps and the volts. What is that human power, felt at a fundamental level, that makes people "rock together?

Power is Everywhere At Your Disposal

Timing and artful decision making is often key to power use. If mechanical devices are not keyed to split second timing, then power is wasted and explosive and garbage making. The act of creation is the correct use of power along with excellent timing. Go to a symphony some night and observe with tearful eyes of wonder, the excellent manifestation of brains in powerful focus to wrest tunes and harmonies from the universe. Have you wasted your efforts? Sure, we all have. Have you let the sleepy time blues bog down your powerful efforts? Sure, we all have. But can we also bring new levels of creativity, love, marvelously timed gifts and investments that turn into new creation? Yes, we all have. It all comes down to how we want to use the power that is everywhere, all around us, at our fingertips and in our hearts and minds. Christofer French is the Founder of and the observer of celestial powers that manifest in our lives each day.


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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for an interesting read and I think you have a very good point there.