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Momsmilk is the Best for your Baby-Why Would Moms Breast Milk be Best for your Baby

Updated on October 19, 2011

The decision to nurse is much more than a health choice

Everyone should know that breast milk is your babys best start at life. moms milk is the easiest to digest and sooths the babys stomach and it stops your stress of trying to find the formula that wont upset your little ones tummy. Its also good for developing your babys brain and IQ. Moms milk tastes sweet to your baby and is always changing depending on the food you consume.

When your baby first starts nursing, you are giving it the protective ingredients your milk provides. Your milk provides a healthier baby. it helps provides protection from infections, asthma, allergies, and obesity as they get older. The children are much healther as they get older, therefor saving you money by fewer doctor bills and by not buying formula. Nursing also provides a strong bond you will never want to give up with the hormones it produces. The longer you nurse the more the benifits are to you. As you continue to breast feed stay focused on the reasons, it will help you through the challenges you face when starting out.

Nursing also protects the mother from excessive bleading after birth and will also reduce the rist of ovarian and breast cancers. nursing will also delay the return of your period and helps your uterus go back to its pre-pregnancy shape faster. You may feel slight cramping while breastfeeding, this is your uterus is returning back to normal. The cramping will pass after a few days. Your nipples will also feel tender for the first few days. While you are nursing you may feel a slight tug but it should not hurt. Breastfeeding for me was not at all painful but I do remember the stories people used to tell me about how it was.

Many babys learn to nurse quickly while others do not. If your baby doesnt, be patient. babys will learn with practice. Giving bottles to babys does makes nursing a bit harder because they do lern a different way of eating and may not do as well when try to nurse,. Wait about a month before trying to introduce a bottle. Remember whatever you eat or drink is going directly to the baby as the same when you were pregnant. Pain medicine given whilein laber will make the baby ver sleep and harder for you to nurse. The sooner you nurse your baby after birth the quicker you baby will learn to nurse. Feed your baby about every three hours. Dont wait untill your baby starts crying to feed him or her. If a baby is crying they may have a harder time latching on to your breast.

Beast feeding when you bring your baby home

 Your first night at home may be difficult with your baby. He maybe more alert now and realize he is not in your womb anymore. The best place to make the baby feel more comfortable is at your breast. The sound of your heartbeat is very soothing to your baby. When you put your baby down he may cry but this will soon pass. Just remember everything is scary to your new baby and the breast is the next best thing next to your womb. He may cry for hours but needs time to adjust.

Nursing your baby

 You should nurse your baby 8 to 12 times per 24 hours. Alert babys may need to nurse every 1 to 2 hours. Sleepy babys may go longer. Make sure to wake your baby if he goes more than 3 hours during the day or 5 hours at night. Make sure you keep track of your wet and dry diapers to make sure your baby is getting fed enouph. Your baby should wet atleast 2 diapers the second day and dirty diapers 2 or 3 per day. They will look black at first, this helps your baby from developing jaundice. The diapers will turn from black to brownish/black tobrownish-green/yellow.


Breast milks color

Breast milk at first is called colostrum will be thick and yellowish which is normal although it may not look right to you. Its your babys first immunization and helps protect against infection. For this reason I wish my daughter would atleat breast feed for the first few days but she is a pregnent teen and is set against it. Colostrum is so rich and healthy and is the best for your baby. The more you nurse your baby, the more your breasts will produce milk. The more you nurse your baby this will help keep your boobs from getting swollen and over filled with milk. If your breast become hard and swollen apply a warm compress and then squeeze a little milk from your breasts.

Your milk does not look at all like formula, its more watery. Your breasts will become less firm after about a week. Your baby may go through growth spirts at times and want to eat more often which usually only lasts a short time. After nyour baby is about 7 to 10 days old he should be wetting 4-10 diapers in a 24 hour period. After your baby gets 3 to 3 months old he will begin to wet less diapers.

When to stop breast feeding

You may be tempted to stop breast feeding to make things easier and less stressful but it really will not because you are still a mom, which is alot of hard work. Switching to formula may be to solve one problem but may cause another. Many woman decide to stop breast feeding for several reasons although breast feeding is the best thing you can do for your child, it is your choice when to stop.


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