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Monitoring Diabetes using One Touch Verio

Updated on March 28, 2017

My Early Diabetes

It's been many years now seeing my doctor for my regular checkups and the reason of monitoring my health.

Fluctuating...up and down with my weight, I went on that roller coaster ride that kept me going up and down with my weight and trying to keep my sugar levels in check.

To tell you the truth with me, it wasn't all that bad. I've been told I was borderline diabetic to.... now I have diabetes.... to I don't have it now.

But with my last diagnosis...

I'm back to having it and it all depends on how I manage it from now on.

While having diabetes, I have been told that I am on the better side of it and I have just begun taking Metformin to help me with this medical issue I have.

And as before, I have been told the usual things like watching my carbs and sugar intakes and to get some exercise now and then. But of course... I would get back basically to the same routine I had been doing in the past...but change it around a bit. Change is hard but to do a little bit at a time is nice.

Working at a place where we sell food makes break time quite difficult when contemplating on something to eat. Just to fill your stomach a little or to fill that void.

Can't work on an empty stomach right?

And after work I get hungry again and with so many eating places around....

And they all add up and tend to cost so more money.

I could easily spend ten to fifteen dollars for a day on meals and snack.

Times that by 5 days a week at work.

Help with my Diabetes Monitoring

About a week or so later, I begin seeing someone who can help me understand my diabetes and help me to make changes in my lifestyle. Her name is Viola.

Once we sat down, she began to ask me about my other health issues and what medications I am taking for them. Just the usual what any other doctors or nurse would do. She is wonderful though.

She then began showing me how to read labels on food boxes and packages. We would go through them until I understood how to count the carbs and servings on each different types of food boxes whether they were snacks, ramen, cereal, tortilla wraps, cookies, etc.

I would take notice on the carb amount and see how many servings in a box.

No more than 60 grams of carb per serving in a day (45-60) recommended.

Some times you can get a lot depends on which items you pick. Even the sugar free ice cream deserts can be surprisingly good to go !

One Touch Verio

After a couple of visits, she again ask me if I wanted to take my own reading using the One Touch Verio .

I really don't feel comfortable pricking my own finger but I can be ok with that. So I finally decided to being curious about my fluctuations on my sugar levels from time to time.

After all... it's free she said and she will give me one for myself. After making some calls regarding my health insurance, getting the disposable parts are 100 % covered !

So why not ?


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A Presentation : How to set up your One Touch

One Touch Verio for Diabetes Treatment Part 2

Instructions and Test Reading

I have been given papers and stuff where I can document my test results in keeping track with my sugar reading so as to know how I'm doing.

Not exactly something I look forward to poking myself. but it seems kind of fun to see what happens when I eat certain things or what happens when I do some walking or exercise and see what the outcome would be.

New Update :

As of now after taking some blood doctor have talked me into starting to take a new medication to help keep my sugar levels down. I am now taking Metformin. At first I felt scared but I am still in my early stages, not there yet where I would need to take insulin and give myself a shot... OUCH !

Some Positive Results

My latest reading over a 3 month period, I have found out that I am doing better. My reading is now 6.0. Dropped from ## previously.

I had lost some weight from 219 pounds and had dropped to 209. Just 10 pounds... but I can definitely feel a difference.The tingling poking sensation has pretty much gone away on the most part and my right foot feels better now.

Also the corn on my baby toe doesn't hurt any more and it seems like I have more space now and with wearing my new shoes, these definitely gives me a much more comfortable experience and I can enjoy walking again.

My feet are breathing again.

What Now ?

I have stopped seeing my health care provider now because she is moving to another area on the other side of the island of Oahu. I was told that someone would call me and to follow up.

But as for now... I still try to watch what I times.

I'll keep posting on this hubpage when I do further visits and monitoring of my health.

Hope this is a bit helpful at least with the videos included.

Take Care Everyone....

: D

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Please Add Any Comments... Thank You For Reading !

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 11 months ago from Oklahoma

      Great product review.