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Mooncup Menstrual Cup

Updated on December 15, 2010

Getting your period can be a very messy, and rather annoying, time of month. Whether you use tampons or maxi pads, you’ve got to dispose of them several times a day, and these things can lead to bad odors, and sometimes an embarrassing situation if you need to dispose of sanitary napkins or tampax at someone else’s house. But all of that inconvenience can be totally avoided if you’re using the mooncup menstrual device. It sounds spacey, I know; but have a read and you’ll discover why the mooncup is so absolutely fabulous you will want to get your own asap!

What is the mooncup?

The mooncup is not a tampon; let’s just get that clear. Yes, you do insert it, but it’s a cup designed to collect bloodflow, not absorb it like a tampon would. Once inside the vagina, it stays in place until you remove it. Then you empty it, give it a rinse, and re-insert it. In other words, it’s a reusable menstrual device. The mooncup comes in two basic sizes, and you can choose yours based on the diameter you are most comfortable with. At the bottom of the mooncup is a thin stem for removal; it’s function is similar to that of a tampon string or applicator.

Why should you use it?

For starters, this is a very green product. Consider the billions of women who menstruate twelve times every year and the trillions of tampons and maxi pads that get used. That’s a lot of trash, y’all. And it’s a lot of cash, as well. Also consider how many women develop allergic reactions, whether simple dermatitis/vaginitis or toxic shock syndrome, as a result of tampax use – the mooncup is not associated with these things and is very safe even for those of us women with known allergies. (The mooncup is made of medical grade silicone.) Cleaning? Easy peasy – boil it for 5 minutes and it’s ready for next month.

How much does it cost and how long does it last?

If you take care of it, your mooncup should last for several years. It costs about 20 USD. If you have a difficult time finding the mooncup in the USA (as the company no longer ships directly) there are other menstrual cups available, such as the Diva Cup or Softcup. You can also purchase special cleaning solutions to clean your menstrual cup if you’d rather not boil it each month.


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