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Best Backpacks for High School 2015: Top Security Backpack Provides New Level of Safety for Kid

Updated on December 29, 2014

How can you be sure your child is safe when you're not around?

What happens to your child when you can't be there? If your kids go to school everyday as most kids do, then you are separated from them for about 8 to 10 hours, 5 days a week. How do you know that your child is safe during that time? How do you know that in a stressful, violent, or potentially dangerous situation, you child will do the right thing, the thing that will keep them safe? The security backpack may be just the thing.

Security Backpack on the Montel Williams TV Show

Backpack May Actually Keep Your Child Safer

Just turn on the news these days and you're likely to see yet another story about a child abduction, kidnapping or lost child. Children are most vulnerable when they are alone, or separated from a group.There is a constant need for security, especially when these children are alone or in situations where they need help from people around them. Security backpacks combine the usefulness of a school backpack with an effective personal security system.

These security iSafe backpacks have an alarm system concealed within the backpack. When activated, the super-loud sirens send a signal for immediate help out to all those people within earshot. Activation of these sirens and powerfully bright strobe light will provide assistance or allow a child enough time to get away from a potentially dangerous situation.

Criminals Avoid Drawing Attention to Themselves

     Think about it - criminals, abductors and predators rely on doing their thing without drawing a lot of attention to themselves. When a child wearing one of these security backpacks initiates the 130 decibel sirens, people will definitely turn and look in that direction. Child predators will be stopped dead in their tracks as every eye within several hundred yards looks in the direction of this loud backpack. No child or woman should travel alone without one of these security backpacks. The high intensity strobe light is also activated and can be seen up to 500 yards away.

     When a criminal gets too close, simply activate the alarm system. this handy, easy to reach switch is located under a flap in the shoulder strap. The alarm will continue to sound for up to five hours continuously using just 8 AA batteries. Security backpacks provide an extra level of safety and security from bullies at school, predators on the streets or a simple trip to the mall.

Security Backpack on the QVC Network...

Bullies are a serious threat to some students

If you can remember a time when you were in school and perhaps found yourself alone and maybe trapped by a bully or group of bullies. That is a frightening experience for anyone, but especially for your kids. According to, about 1 in 4 elementary school students were bullied at least three times during the last month. Half of all incidents of bullying go unreported, probably because the kids being bullied are afraid to report it.

You want to keep your kids safe from other dangers, as well

Bullies aren't the only danger your child may face at school. Last year, there were over 100,000 students in the U.S. who took a gun to school. Is it any wonder why there are so many dangerous incidents in schools these days. Let's face it, the schools aren't what they used to be when I was growing up. These days kids face abduction, sexual assault, kidnapping, and other potentially violent or even deadly situations at school, or traveling between school and home.

These backpacks provide an extra measure for protection for your child

The press these days is full of stories about kids who were quietly abducted without anyone around taking notice. What if those kids had been carrying the security backpack with alarm? Sure, there is no way every kid is going to be completely safe 100 percent of the time. But a backpack like this with a super loud security alarm might have saved those kids. What about your kids? If you could give them an extra measure of protection, you would do it, right? Of course you would.

Imagine if you could give your child something to help them get out of a potential bullying situation. Something that your child could use when they get into a tight spot. The security backpack may be just the thing you're looking for. A backpack that has a powerful, concealed alarm system that would help to fend off a potential confrontation or attack. These backpacks emit an ear-piercing, high-pitched tone that gets the attention of people in the immediate area.

The iSafe Security Backpack with Security Alarm is made of 840 ripstop nylon and weighs about two-and-a-half pounds. It's a roomy 17x11.5x9 inches and has plenty of room for lots of books, supplies, and other items. A foam back panel provides extra comfort and back support. Reflectors on the shoulder straps add extra visibility when it gets dark. An adjustable chest strap also adds extra security to help keep anyone from easily removing the backpack. S-shaped padded shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for comfort and support.

These security backpacks are ideal for the many dangerous situations our kids face these days. Wouldn't you feel a lot better if you knew your child was carrying a security backpack? A backpack that carries an alarm that gets the attention, and help, from all those around? The security backpack with alarm - it's a no-brainer.

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