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Self Healing Meditation Videos and Relaxing Sounds

Updated on September 16, 2012

Meditating is one great way to help yourself relax and de-stress. It can even help you fall sleep in case you are having problems falling sleep. So on this hub, I will share my favorite videos on Youtube that I have on my playlist. These are like the treasures I had on my box (in this case, Youtube is the box) and I would just choose a playlist whenever I wanted to feel relax, fall asleep or just to listen and feel better about myself or any situation I am dealing with. And yes, this helps me alot! They do make wonders for me and I hope to you too once you found this hub.

So, whether you are looking for helpful meditation videos on how to fall asleep, to relax, or to feel loved, here's the top 5 meditational and relaxing nature sounds from all my Youtube playlist. Listen to each one and find something that best suits your need, or you can used all of them too.

"You are loved"

Of all the Youtube videos I had in my playlist, I could say this deserves to be on the top 1 of my choices.

We all deal with that feeling of being unloved, and maybe feeling like empty or "I feel like I'm nothing" or that heavy feeling of carrying the weight of the world with you in some point in your life.

When I feel stress or depress and wanted to feel better, this is one of my choices. The voice is relaxing with the birds chirping. You can listen with your speaker and lie down, but for me, I found it suits me better when I use earphone instead.

If you choose using headphone or earphone, just lie down or sit up in a comfortable position and listen, concentrating on the voice and don't let your mind wonder around.

One thing about this video is, it can help me fall asleep as well just listening to it.

Another video here I had saved on my meditation playlist, the "Chakra meditation for balancing and healing" really does help on working with each chakra for cleansing and healing.

With this, I could feel refresh and there are times I would fall asleep before the session even finish. I usually used this video when I feel worn out or just the thought that I need this chakra healing when I'm dealing with all the worries and problem I could think of.

Sit or lie down, whichever works best for you and follow through the voice.

Another Hypnotic Art Therapy from Dr. Franky Dolan here that I like and used often. Actually this is the very first one I had listened to before I come across the video that I had chosen to be on my top choice.

The soothing voice of this video and the way it was made is inviting to watch and listen to. Also work great for de stressing and just a good choice to make yourself feel loved, feel so much better, and accept yourself when thought of being "alone" with the world strikes you, which are the reasons I like this one.

Watch the video to feel more of its purpose before deciding if you want to follow along while watching, or why lying down with your eyes closed.

Remember, "you are loved!"

Problem falling asleep?

If you are like me who envies people who can easily fall asleep, then I hope you might find this relaxing sound of nature video helpful like I do. I love the sound of pouring rain specially at night, it just makes me feel relax and finds it comforting, like I don't want the night to be over or the time to move forward. But since it doesn't rain more often like I do, I would just go and play this video instead. And it does sound like a real rain or an actual rain is happening.

Last on my list but absolutely not the least is this mantra, very soothing and relaxing. The first time I heard this was just that feeling of purity, concentrating on the mantra also silence my worried, active mind.

Somehow, I don't know why, but I also feel my spirit being lifted up, listening to this is just quite an experience, so it would be on my list to share it to people who might also benefit from this "Om mani padme hum" mantra.

So, if you're mind wonders around, active, and giving you some headache, I suggest any of this meditational videos and relaxing nature sounds, they worked for me so they might as well help you too. Another great way to save money I'd say from buying meditational cd or dvd as they are just there on Youtube, waiting to be found.


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