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Motivation Is MakeBelieve

Updated on January 14, 2018
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Niamh has been a blogger with Hubpages for 11 months. She has a BAHons in English Literature & Linguistics.

January BluezZz

So we're halfway through January, and those New Years resolutions we were so confident about not even a fortnight ago are starting to seem less and less achievable.. which is why I called bullshit on the whole thing in my last blog.

Feeling overwhelmed by whatever resolution you have set yourself is certainly not uncommon, and you're not a failure for breaking it (this goes for Lent as well; if you partake in Lent yourself). The beginning of the new year often envelopes us in encouragement, which obviously can't be kept up for 365 days. Day in and day out you hear people perpetually moan;

"I just can't get motivated".

Well lads, motivation is some fake news.

Here's cartoon me, empathising with you all xo
Here's cartoon me, empathising with you all xo

"Motivation" is nothing more than your mood. Of course I'm never consistently in the mood to eat healthily, and work out every single day. No one is! Sometimes I can't be bothered for a day, other times for a week, maybe even a month (i.e. the entire month of December). Cooking healthy meals can be time-consuming and a lot of effort. The point is, you have to allow yourselves these little trip-ups, but at the same time, remind yourself of your desired goal and GO to the damn gym even if you do have a face like a bulldog because you don't want to be there. Make it a habit, as much as it is a habit to make yourself coffee in the morning or to brush your teeth.

I'm doing Dry January, and as I write this, it's only the second weekend of it. And I.Am.Struggling. I was so tempted for a drink when I was out having food near Dublin last night, even if it was just an Irish Coffee. I had to keep reminding myself of not how guilty I would feel afterwards if I did succumb to temptation, but how I didn't even really want the frigging thing. I only thought I did because I usually get an Irish Coffee as a dessert after meals out... HABIT.

I understand it's hard when you go hardcore full out fitness freak for a few days, weeks or more, and don't see instant changes. Newsflash; instant gratification = later letdown, always. Lose weight, build muscle, and become fitter slowly over time, and that way it'll last longer.

Slow & Steady wins the race.

Here's me, about to do the Beep test for the first time since I was about 17. My boyfriend had to force me to do it - no motivation here!
Here's me, about to do the Beep test for the first time since I was about 17. My boyfriend had to force me to do it - no motivation here! | Source

By the way, this entire blog was inspired by one of my favourite fitness bloggers/Instagrammers @plankingforpizza, so I suggest you follow her! One final tip I have as well, is to unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel crap about yourself. It seems a bit harsh but if your own self-esteem is damaged by constantly comparing yourself to others, then social media is harming your daily life! (I continue to follow Jess because she's down-to-earth, helpful and a realist!)

Until next time lads & ladies xx

Love Love Love this! #inspo
Love Love Love this! #inspo | Source


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