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Motorcycle Safety Education in Australia - In a Game

Updated on December 9, 2014

Video Games as a Learning Tool

As education gets more and more dynamic, there are many methods used by different education institutions around the world. One of the most effective way to impart knowledge is through a game. In supporting studies done in New York University, simulation and problem solving are two of the most definite example that is enhanced when using video games for educational purposes.

With this said, the relationship between Motorcycle Safety education and video game is to simulate some real-time situations and events on the road. Improve decision making through some set scenarios that may happen on the road.

Australia and Motor Cycle Safety

Australia considers road safety as one of its primary concern. Laws the like Compulsory Third Party Scheme is made available to ensure and penalize drivers for any detrimental act on the road. As for motor cycle and bikes, the same concept applies as there are CTP insurance dedicated just for motorcycles. They are called motorcycle grenslips in Australia.

Ride to Live - Motor Cycle Simulator

For the purpose of motorcycle riders safety, this website may made to present simulations that often happens on the road when riding a motorcycle. It presents different types of motorcycles and scenarios that fits you needs. You can try the simulator right here.

Certain instructions are given through the simulation proper and this is to teach the proper skills and safety precautions when riding a motorcycle on the streets of Australia.

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