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Move over Coconut Water, there's a new drink in town - BIRCH WATER

Updated on January 1, 2016
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What is birch water?

In Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia people have been drinking Birch Water as a herbal pick me up . Just recently, it's now appearing in cafes and health food stores around America and now it has reached Australia.

This "water" comes from birch trees which is situated in the northern hemisphere. In Finland, a Birch producer grows birch forests to cultivate their sap. The trees are tapped for their liquid by creating a small hole in the trunk and a clear syrup sap is extracted and processed. However, it can only be collected at a certain time of the year for a few weeks in April and May, that's when the tree sends nutrients from the roots up the trunk to new buds forming on it's branches. If the timing is not right or if it's left too late, the sap becomes bitter.

Why so healthy?

This Birch Water contains a substantial amount of naturally occurring antioxidants, electrolytes, trace minerals and vitamins. Yes, I know Coconut Water is the same, but Birch Water contains more health properties than Coconut water.

  • Birch Water contains and have health benefits of :
  • potassium which helps build protein and muscles
  • copper which is important for brain, heart and nervous system. It also can help build red blood cells.
  • calcium to build strong bones and teeth
  • zinc great for the immune system and healing wounds.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol

Birch Water is also know to contain saponins.

What are saponins? It's a chemical compound that are found in plants. It is naturally a sweet drink from xylitol which also contains vitamins B & C together with amino acids.

Other health benefits from Birch Water is to maintain a health urinary system to assist in removing waste products, reducing fluid retention and clears the skin. The beauty industry is recognising the benefits and is sourcing it to use it in their skincare ranges.

This birch water has been used for many years with indigenous people for instance: the American Indians. It is used as part of their traditional native food.

If you find it too difficult to make your own Birch water, check out your nearest Health food stores or simply find it through Amazon which they kindly stock for us health nuts around the world.

Tapping Birch Water


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