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Multiple Sclerosis Drugs

Updated on August 28, 2010

Drug Treatment for MS

Numerous drugs have been demonstrated to slow the progression of MS in a few people.

These are called the illness modifying drugs. They include : * Avonex ( interferon beta-1a ) * Betaseron ( interferon beta-1b ) * Copaxone ( glatiramer acetate ) * Novantrone ( mitoxantrone ) * Rebif ( interferon beta-1a ) * Tysabri ( natalizumab )

How Do These Drugs Work?

All these drugs work by suppressing, or changing, the activity of the body's immunity mechanism. So , these treatments are based totally on the theory that MS is, at least in part, a consequence of an unnatural reply of the body's immunity mechanism that leads it to attack the myelin surrounding nerves.

Do the Drugs Cure MS?

  These medicines don't cure MS, but they do scale back the frequency and seriousness of attacks and the development of new brain wounds. Additionally, they slow down the progression of MS, reducing future incapacity. These drugs can improve the standard of life for many of us with MS. most doctors suggest that treatment with one of those drugs be started in the majority as quickly as a diagnosis of relapsing-remitting MS has been made.

Is Drug Treatment Right for Me?

  The choice concerning whether or when to start treatment with one of those medicines is ideally made by you and your medical practicioner.

Factors that should be considered include potential side-effects, benefits, frequency, system of medicine delivery, and your private concerns, concerns and way of life. The most significant goal is to get a treatment you may use easily and consistently. Each drug firm offers buyer support and might also provide some financial help for qualifying people without prescription drug coverage.

Information about the most utilized MS drugs.

Avonex ( interferon beta-1a )

Use : Treatment of relapsing kinds of MS, and to treat after a primary episode of soreness. How administered : Intramuscular ( into the muscle ) injection

Frequency of use : Weekly

Common side-effects : Mild flu-like symptoms

Support Program: MS Active Source 1-800-456-2255

Betaseron ( interferon beta-1b ) Use : Treatment of relapsing kinds of MS

How administered : Subcutaneous ( beneath the skin ) injection

Frequency of use : Each other day

Common side-effects : Mild flu-like symptoms

Support Program: MS Pathways 1-800-788-1467

Copaxone ( glatiramer acetate ) Use : Treatment of relapsing-remitting MS

How administered : Subcutaneous ( beneath the skin ) injection

Frequency of use : Daily Common side-effects : Possible reaction at the injection site

Support Program : Shared Solutions 1-800-887-8100

Novantrone ( mitoxantrone ) Use : Treatment of speedily worsening relapsing-remitting MS and for progressive-relapsing or secondary-progressive sorts of MS

How administered : Intravenous ( by vein )

Frequency of use : Once each three months or 4 times each year.

Maximum dose 8-12 doses

Common side effects:Nausea, hair thinning, reduced white blood cell count

Support Program : MS LifeLines 1-877-447-3243

Rebif ( interferon beta-1a ) Use : Treatment of relapsing types of MS

How administered : Subcutaneous ( beneath the skin ) injection

Frequency of use : 3 times per week

Common complications : Mild flu-like symptoms

Support Program : MS LifeLines 1-877-447-3243


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    • cathylynn99 profile image


      7 years ago from northeastern US

      and now add fingolimod (gilenya).


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