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Multiple Sclerosis and memory loss

Updated on March 25, 2016

Would it make You mad?

 I have lost well-developed blogs in the past, forgetting their names and leaving, floating in the ether, unfinished blog comments and trains of thought.

I was afraid I had done it again; the loss of the 'HubPages' title from my mind (oh, I'll never forget that name, how could I?). I went to my local coffee house and thought about it. I decided the name had two words, the first starting with 'L', the second being 'blog.'

I am a lucky dog. I found the name amidst notes of E-mail saved. So I am back again, having written 'HUB PAGES' on my closet door in Size 22 Doomsday font. My only problem now is the real chance of my forgetting what it refers to...

However, one major embarassment at a time.

I used the Lost Days to collect my backpacking notes from years back, perfectly applicable to the topic after light editing and consideration. I would like to present the entire body of work starting in two days or so, when I will present my newly-copywrited Opus, 'Backpacking and MS'.  

The work consists of a longish Introduction and a scattering of discussed topics. The writing is not well-collected but is copywrited, so the various thoughts may eventually fuse into a publishable book. I should have fun doing it anyway, which really is the whole point of this.

Also, the readers may enjoy the outlook of a physician dealing with an incurable neurologic disorder as well as his acerbic charm and 'rapier wit.'

I have enjoyed my version of an MS flare, which usually leaves me falling asleep while writing and mad as hell when I am awake. So am I now. See you.

Another Try

This very short blog lets me try to reinsert myself into blogging after a months-long flare of Secondary Progressive MS.


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