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Muscle Building: Gain Muscle Mass Fast By Exceeding Your Limits

Updated on March 5, 2013
Me lifting a heavy dumbbell.
Me lifting a heavy dumbbell. | Source
Me doing a tucked push-up with legs in the air.
Me doing a tucked push-up with legs in the air. | Source
Balancing on an exercise ball.
Balancing on an exercise ball. | Source

Exceeding Your Limits

There are lots of ways to improve your physical limitations. You can become faster, stronger, improve your endurance or your balance. When I started biking long distance I was able to significantly improve my endurance. While practicing yoga I was able to improve my balance. Things that were difficult became easier as I improved allowing me to do things that were impossible for me before. For instance one handed push-ups, biking 37 miles, running 12.5 miles on my elliptical trainer and L-sits.

Your body can adapt fairly quickly when you try to improve. Instead of just doing the same things over and over again try your best every time. Planning and practice are both important. You should do the exercise over and over again but before you start exercising you should plan to do more than the last time. It is easy to wait and let the exercise become easier but that can hurt your progress. You get into the habit of just going through the motions instead of doing your best. Keep track of your limitations and compete with yourself.

Recovery And Avoiding Injuries

It is easy to injure yourself when exceeding your limits. Your muscles start to give out because of the stress. If you work them too hard or too often it can cause an injury. Bad form can also lead to an injury.

Stop if you can no longer do the exercise with good posture or if you experience a significant amount of pain. Some discomfort is expected. You can't exceed your limits without it. but you should try to limit the pain. Pay close attention to how you feel so you know when to rest. Often working out as hard as you can for as long as you can increases the recover time to the point where you need to take more days off.

When you start a new routine it is a good idea to take a day or two off between exercises. Take it easy when you work out and get lots of rest at first. Do your best after you learn how the exercise is going to effect you. If you try to do your best too soon then you will experience a lot of pain and it will be hard on your body. The pain may not occur until the next day. You can not always tell what the workout is doing to you while you are working out.


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Building Muscle

As you improve you can build muscle. When I started biking long distance my leg muscle became bigger and harder. It was not just because I was biking but because I was biking farther and it was difficult. Balancing yourself requires muscle. As I improved my balance my core muscles like my abs and back muscles became stronger. My bicep and tricep muscles became bigger when I increased the difficulty of my weight lifting workouts.

When jumping rope it hurt my calf muscles. It is a high impact exercise with the impact focused on the calf muscles. I could only do it for short periods of time and I had to take days off to recover. My calf muscles began to adapt. Soon I was able to jump for longer periods of time and it took less time to recover.

Now I am a lot better at jumping rope and I can do it for a long time before my calf muscles start to hurt. By paying attention you should be able to tell what muscles are being used. To make it easier you can try doing the exercise in slow motion so you can feel it. If you focus on improving your physical abilities you can quickly build muscle. Keep improving and your muscle mass will increase.

Try Something New

An easy way to build a lot of muscle quickly is to do something out of the ordinary. Do exercises and activities that you have not done before or that you have not done in a while. You can workout different muscles or work the muscles in different ways. Even a minor change in your exercise routine can make a big difference. Pick activities that challenge your muscles.

Instead of doing the same old activities try some new ones. When I try things that I do not normally do I often notice that I need to improve my strength, endurance or balance before I am good at it. While I am gradually getting better at it I am building muscle.


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