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Music Therapy: A Natural Soul Healer And The Perfect Psycho-emotional Remedy

Updated on February 23, 2014

Music Is For The Soul And For Us



In the previous hub, we discussed how Music therapy can ease stress and aid in somatic recovery of the Human body such as in the case of Cancer. We also discussed its psychological effect to Humans in terms of depression and a melancholic mood (sadness, especially). We will continue with the Psycho-emotional effect of Music but this time, we will focus more on its emotional influence and how it can help relationships especially. Remember that relationship issues play a huge role in emotional stress and for this reason, this can be seen as an alternative remedy to stress.

Music Can Mend Relationships

And hence a good alternative to reducing stress
And hence a good alternative to reducing stress | Source

My Experience

I had a break-through in sharing some songs to some interested readers, one of them from New Zealand sent an interesting mail on the possibility of helping his relationship which was almost shattered to pieces. He was specific about trying out the Music therapy as well. 50 songs from our (The DFM E-Group) Soul collections were recommended to him. Suggesting he shouldn't just play the songs but plan out some romantic activities of which these songs will spice them up.

Surprisingly, it was working and so he asked for more songs of which another 50 songs were given to him. As much as it is totally unwise to attribute their relationship make-up to just Music, we can gladly say that Music played a big role in it and they are now happy couples.

Mid Night Blues


Stimulating The spark

Sometimes, our intimate and serious relationships get boring and that spark which was initially there, has gone missing, Music as simple as it may seem can sustain (or bring back) that spark. A couple from Taiwan said every Tuesdays and Thursdays, they play at least 15 romantic songs and they sing along as they play, looking into each others eyes, sharing in the passion and singing the words from their hearts as if they mean it (which they actually do). After such an activity, those words stick in their hearts, at least for the entire week, as they in one situation or the other have cause to repeat the same words to each other of which they usually do.

I can go on and on about these experiences my readers share before and after the publication of my Music article- Music therapy: The Soul nourishment and healer (1000 songs case samples) Simple type it on any search engine and see how detailed it is! Prior to the publication, statistics of readers who asked for songs were taken and they were 788 of whom 723 gave a positive feedback. After the publication of the article, an influx of readers and quest for songs occurred, and as of October 13th, 2012, I lost track of the records, after spending a week on some official function away from home without any follow up.

I had a total of 723 positive feedback out of 788 individuals who consulted me prior to the 8th of March and a total of 2551 positive feedback out of a total of 2779 consulting individuals prior to the 13th of October.

Making Your Relationships Stronger And Better



So, from this experience, Some specific songs which are of great influence and result to this therapy were carefully selected. If you want to try out this therapy on your relationship, go for soft, slow soul music. You can even narrow your search to having such music, complimented with wonderful and 'out of this world' lyrics. Lyrics which exactly fit in with the mood and propel the intensity of the heat of affection. Such perfect blend of songs may seem difficult to find but blues and soul music of the 90s (especially) and also of the 80s perfectly fit into this category of songs worthy of a therapy for relationships, love and emotional situations. As we have discussed in the earlier article where we discouraged this exact kind of music for the depressed, in this situation, it is the best. Does that mean, some fast flowing soul music isn't appropriate?

Well, they may, but the best and so far most effective are these slow songs. Sometimes when you watch these songs on youtube, you will read comments like

"I can make babies with this song",

"Oh, I miss my ex, we usually play this song always",

"this song reminds me of the good old days, those days were perfect" etc.

During the course of my consultancy, it is realized on a general basis that younger lovers preferred a set of songs while older lovers (especially above 45 years) preferred a different set of songs. For that reason, when the DFM E-Group official website was created, it was decided to have two channels, one specifically for the older lovers and the other for younger ones. From the link shared below, these two channels would be distinguished.

Majority of old readers and folks enjoy the country music, as they use it to cool off for the night and even sleep over it. Country Music is said to be for the matured mind which is the perfect Opium and sedative to the human soul. The serenity it creates and its natural ability to bring calmness is what every Adult should try.

Finally, as for those who are strictly into Gospel music and Gospel alone.. The same format can be applied. Slow gospel songs can also be used to strengthen a romantic relationship. After all. God is the mastermind behind intimacy. You can use the Gospel channel of our site to satisfy this particular need. Are you still wondering how this works? Give it a try and you will be amazed on the miracle Music can produce.

© 2014 Funom Theophilus Makama


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    • married2medicine profile image

      Funom Theophilus Makama 3 years ago from Europe

      oh thanks alot Eiddwen

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      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      So very interesting and thanks for sharing.