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My 7 Morning Mediation Routine

Updated on August 26, 2018
Dayanara Castro profile image

Hello there, I'm a writer, seeker of knowledge and have a love for everything healthy and positive.

I'm pretty much busy for the most part, so I try to make it a routine to meditate at least 2-3 times a week. Just like going to the gym, some days I just don't feel like it and have to force myself to "Zen" out. With living in the city, I am always on the go, and I constantly have things to do. Like everyone else, I'll forget to push the reset button from time to time, and my body will experience "CRASH" mode. Inevitably, I'm forced to take the time to re-energize my batteries so that I can get back to living my fullest potential on a daily basis. But with a meditation routine, I found that I wouldn't have to put my body through that constant cycle anymore.

Meditating helped me slow down and relax more. Not only was it benefiting me from a healthy perspective as far as managing my blood pressure, but it also reminded me to stop and enjoy the little things in life that I never really took the time to enjoy. So here are a few things I like to do in the morning for my meditation routine:

#1. Gratitude

Expressing my gratitude as soon as I wake up in the morning is so important to me. God, the Higher Source, has blessed me with my health, a new day and among many various blessings in my life. I can take care of my children, go to work, receive money to help pay the bills and enjoy the company of good friends and family. I'm always thankful to be alive and breathing.

#2. Green Tea

I'm an avid tea drinker, and to be specific, I love green tea. After expressing an abundance of gratitude, and handling some "bathroom business," I'll head to the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove on low heat.

#3. Insight

While the pot slowly heats up, I'll sit in a comfortable sitting position in front of my meditation altar and hit my singing bowl to begin meditation. I'll turn on my favorite meditation app. called insight. I’ll put either 20 to 45 minutes on the timer. It's a meditation timer and is filled with various meditating groups and communities. I've been using it for years now and loved it so much. For a free meditation app. I have no complaints. Also, a favorite feature of mind is once the timer is up, it allows me to thank people from all over the world near or far, for meditating with me. I genuinely believe in the Laws of Attraction. You send good out and will receive good in return.

#4. Smudging

In case you are not aware of what exactly smudging is, it's a form of energy clearing prayer ritual to clear any space of any negative energies. I like to use it before meditation because it helps lift and remove any negativity that might have been absorbed in my meditation area.

#5. Let there be light.

I'll light two tealight candles from my meditation altar set in a Himalayan salt rock candle holder. Himalayan salt rocks are supposed to help purify air and based on the claims that negative ions from heating the salt rocks help with mood-boosting, sleep improvements, and increase serotonin in the brain.

#6. Mantras and Mala Beads

My mala necklace means a lot to me, especially during meditation. It helps me focus all my intentions and prayers in one. There are 108 beads on the necklace plus a guru bead. With the first go around of counting each bead with my fingers, like what Catholics use a rosary for, I'll say my first mantra. A mantra is a sound or word such as OM or Aum repeatedly to help with concentration and meditation. You can choose any type of mantra that suits you. As for me, I like to start by saying "Thank you" repetitively until I've reached the guru bead. Afterward, I'll move on to my second mantra, "Help Me" and then on to my third which is, "Peace, Love, and Happiness." I'll continue to repeat the process until my meditation timer is up.

#7. Closing Bell

Once I've finished meditating and have thanked at least ten people for contemplating with me, I’ll ring my meditation singing bowl to close out my session for the day. I’ll blow out the candles and walk back to the kitchen and pour myself a nice cup of green tea.

Once I've finished meditating and have thanked at least ten people for contemplating with me, I’ll ring my meditation singing bowl to close out my session for the day. I’ll blow out the candles and walk back to the kitchen and pour myself a nice cup of green tea.

Every day is too precious to waste on things that don't fulfill us individually, whether it's mentally, physically, and or emotionally draining ourselves by stressing with such things as work, health and or relationships. Meditating for me is a way to step out of my everyday chaotic life and gives me a chance to be present at the moment that I've been so blessed with. I'm able to re-center myself and refocus my intentions for my life. Try it, and it might just change your life.

© 2018 ButterflyTwentyFourSeven


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