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My Depression Experience

Updated on March 24, 2016
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Not claiming on being a professional about Depression, this issue is no joke and can be seriously harmful to someone if not treated. This is on a personal level and not treated at all, depression comes in all sorts of forms from mild to severe and clinical. It feels like your world is ending, you want to sleep and can't eat. It is a feeling of no hope and that nothing will change, you cry but eventually you do not have enough tears to cry anymore.

Emotions are all over the place, you do not want visitors or to be bothered, you can't get out of bed and it feels like you can't live another day; There is a tightening in your chest and you feel sick, then you don't feel anything and you are just there in a space that no one understands, where you can't be heard no matter how much you are crying out to get help.

Not everyone understands this, some may not even know how you are feeling and what is being thought of. But there is an end to it, this takes time and being around a lot of people who care for you and are not going to be causing stress and anxiety issues to contribute to it. Some of these things has happened to me and they are very real and serious.

Fight For Life

Fighting for life is important, you need to hang on to a glimmer of what you once were. There are things to get your mind off of other things like stuff that is stressful. Read book, watch a movie and relax. Enjoy a nice hot bath, talk to some friends or even some professional help. There are a lot of hot lines out there that can provide you with someone to talk to.

Speak up! I have spoken up and it is very good that I have, not everyone experiences this the same and they each are an individual. They could require different treatment than another person, I needed help and got it but still it is an on going thing, other people don't get the help and it ends badly.

Getting Rid of Stress

No Stress

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