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My Experience with Thyroid Cancer

Updated on August 23, 2012

I just want to share my personal experience with thyroid cancer. It all started when I woke one tired morning with a muffled voice. It felt like I was loosing my voice by something pressing on my throat with pressure. I just figured I was working too hard and, not resting enough. Then one day, I started choking on a sip of a cola drink. I kept gasping for air which sounded like severe Asama. No matter how I tried, I just couldn't get enough air in. I figured I was about to black out and, this was the last day of my life. What would they say about me? I felt doom drift over me, helpless, and terrified. My boyfriend didn't know what to do. He just kept calling my name in a panic struck voice, and gave me resuscitation. However that didn't help! I wanted him to call 911, but in my head I knew it would be too late by the time they'd reach me. It felt like no one could help me. Not a neighbor was home. He started hitting me in the back, and I felt something go down my esophagus. Finally, I started to get air in! In the meantime, the hoarseness of my voice still never passed. That's when I decided to go to the Dr.

The Process of Finding the Cancer

I told my Dr. about it, and she gave me an ultrasound and found lumps. From there she sent me to a throat Dr. He gave me nuclear scans to verify the lumps and to see whether my thyroids were functioning or not. If they were not, that meant it could be cancer. The results showed the left thyroid was not functioning. He wanted to take a biopsy, but I decided to take the thyroid out right away. The reason I decided this was my fear of choking again, and the biopsy is not always accurate when it comes to the thyroids. It is accurate once they do the surgery and, CUT out a piece of the thyroid for the lab however. Well, after he removed the left side of my thyroid, he sent it to the lab for testing. It came back cancer. That meant he had to go back and remove the right one. On the second surgery, he found 1 cancer 1 centimeter in size. Afterwords, I took a low dose radiation pill of 29 radiation units. The surgeries were bearable. However, the second one was a little difficult for me, because I didn't have any hormones left. I went through temporary depression with horrible mood swings. You have to take it easy for 2-6 weeks after surgery. After a couple of days I felt fine physically. The mood changes only happened after the 2nd surgery which lasted maybe a week in a half on and off. As for as the radiation, I had 1 severe headache which sent me to the emergency room with severe nausea. They gave me a shot for the pain and nausea and sent me home with meds. They took a catscan which came out fine. Slept that day and, never had another problem like that since. All of these problems were only temporary.

What Saved Me

I'm just lucky I only had stage 1. I believe I caught it eary, because I noticed changes in my body, and researched the symptoms. Then I took charge of my care, and was able to help the Dr. help me. It is VERY important to find cancer of any kind as early as possible. That can save your life. Also, I've quit smoking. I didn't think I could, but it IS possible. I hope you find this information helpful, and wish you all the best.


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