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My First Competition

Updated on March 21, 2016

A History Lesson:

At the end of May 2015 I separated from my now ex-husband and began the not as difficult process as I had expected of filling for divorce. Our 9 year relationship had been plagued by up’s and down’s, in the extreme way up’s and down’s go, and they had taken their toll on me mentally and physically. I’d spent the previous year going through therapy, taking medications to aid in the depression, and losing weight at an unhealthy rate. Standing at 5”2’ I was lucky if I weighed 98 or 99 pounds, which for my body type was completely unnatural, and had been worrying my family for quite some time. Come June 2016 I knew I wanted to change it all, and first thing I did was dump the anti-depressants and pick up a gym membership. Like many things I took on the challenges alone, somewhat unwilling to ask for help because I wanted to stand on my own. I went to the gym 4-5 days a week and focused myself on strength training with a little cardio to get my heart rate up. This in turn ignited the need to fuel my body, which sought out good nutritious foods, like chicken and brown rice.

Hitting the Gym:

I’d always been the physical type growing up, playing volleyball, basketball, and softball, but after starting a serious relationship at 19 my personal fitness fell off the map. Then in June 2015, a couple months shy of my 29th birthday I hit the ground running, researched workout plans and dozens of recipes to aid weight gain, began an Instagram account, and talked to those who knew about the fitness industry. Here’s where I have to credit a friend from high school who owned his own company selling supplements and clothing online, he helped me understand the differences in pre-workouts, BCAA’s, post-workouts, and all the other supplements out there. I also understood the importance of breaking up the body parts that your concentrate on while working out.

By November I had gained 10 pounds and was showing muscles in places that I hadn’t imagined. This is where I boldly declared I was going to compete in a bikini competition, no matter where I placed or obstacle to come, I was going to compete.

Choosing a Competition:

I live in Arizona and there were lots of options, which came down to how long I wanted to give myself to prep for it. Honestly these competitions are not cheap and there are many expenses that you don’t account for. Many people had boasted about the NPC shows as being the best way to break into the professional competition world, and if you’re going to compete you might as well make that your ultimate goal. NPC Miles was where I went first and they just so happened to be holding a show in Mesa on March 18th and 19th and I jumped on the registration immediately.

Breaking down the Cost:

Registration: $100 ($50 for each additional division)

Hotel: $230 (3 nights, but could have been upwards of $500 depending on hotel)

NPC Pro Card: $125

Bikini: $100 you need 2 and I went off the rack (professional Rent: $80+ buy $160+)

Spray Tan: $50+ (got to be very dark)

Makeup: $50+ (foundation to match your now very dark tone, fake lashes, and the works or professionally done $60+)

Hair: $100 (I bought a new flat iron but there is always the professional option $75+)

Shoes: $40 (I got really lucky here, everyone suggests getting 2 pair, I only got 1)

Nails: $35

My Total: $800 Professional Additive Total: $1300+

What I Took Away from the Experience:

While I didn’t place in the top 5, actually placed last, I learned so much from the experience itself and consider myself to be my own trophy. I know now that having to wait to compete at 9-10PM at night makes me rather grouchy and being carb and water depleted gives me a headache, which ultimately resulted in me not giving it my all when I did finally hit the stage. I did buy the professional photo package so that I will have them to reflect and approve upon and fully intend to compete again.


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