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My Healthy Smile

Updated on December 3, 2021
A young man looking in the mirror. He is smiling because his teeth are clean and he is very happy.
A young man looking in the mirror. He is smiling because his teeth are clean and he is very happy. | Source
My Daughter Ellie. A bit more grown up now but a beautiful smile.
My Daughter Ellie. A bit more grown up now but a beautiful smile. | Source

One of the greatest concerns today, is the state of our younger generations teeth. One year old children, have teeth rotting in their mouth. It really is hard to comprehend.

When i was a young child, i was required to spend a good five minutes in the bathroom. Always making sure to clean them properly and brush in a circular motion, as my mum put it!

After the healthy eating era came along, children's teeth became more decayed.

Why? Surprisingly this is due, to an excessive amount of fruit juice drinks. Parents believe they are doing the right thing. Advertising and the media, pushed it at us daily. Telling us that juice was healthy for our children.

We began putting fruit juice Petra packs, in the their lunch boxes everyday. Once upon a time, it use to be milk cartons. Children were strong, healthy and had exceptional teeth.

What it is actually doing though, is rotting our children's teeth. Most juice has a high acidic content, which then attacks young teeth and causes damage.

In no way am i saying, stop juice consumption all together! There is after all, other reasons for tooth decay. We simply need to limit, how much our children drink. Making sure that after every juice drink, children go and brush their teeth.

If you have a child that has already developed a decay and it has just started, it can be stopped in it's tracks. Consistent brushing 2 - 3 times daily will take care of this, very quickly. This is what the dentists would call a "stop decay". A decay that has halted in it's progression and does not appear to be getting bigger. Dentists would rather not fill a child's, first set of teeth. I am sure if you feel the same as i, you would not want to put your child through that unnecessarily.

Some children love the idea, of brushing their teeth. They are happy to stand on their little foot stool and smile at themselves in the mirror. Proud as punch that they have made it, to big kid status! Then there are children like my daughter. Would rather be off playing with her toys, then brushing her teeth.

A wrote a poem for my Daughter, to motivate her to brush properly. Ellie loved my poem and giggled whenever i read it to her. I hope it helps you and your child, reach a level together.

As you can see in the illustration. The little boy is standing in front of the mirror. On the basin is a toothbrush, standing upright in a holder. The little boy has just finished brushing his teeth and looks very pleased with himself. He is happy

My Healthy Smile

I look in to the mirror

I smile to see my teeth

They're looking very dirty

I think they're full of beef

I like my little toothbrush

It keeps decay away

It helps me show

A bright clean smile

For mummy everyday

This became an extremely useful tool, when dealing with my daughter. Not only did she dislike brushing her teeth but was physically ill, when she tasted toothpaste. It became very difficult, to get her teeth cleaned.

This has helped me tremendously and I hope it does the same for your family also.

(C)Copyright, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, Tammy Crossman

© 2011 Skellie


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