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My Herbal and Organic Breakfast

Updated on February 16, 2012

Moringa Pandesal

My wife and I discovered a small bakery inserted between two small business stalls at a major street corner in our village one fine morning while brisk walking. We were curious what the small pandesal (Pinoy favorite fist-size bread) "topped with pepper" was all about. So we tried some and later discovered that the dark brown specks all over the bread were really moringa (malunggay) bits, not pepper.

The lady baker was happy to explain to us some details about the unique pandesal, that the brown specks were really ground moringa leaves mixed with flour, for instance. Now, try having that for breakfast with moringa tea or coffee which is flooding the health supplement market here in Deep Asia. No wonder moringa leaves are fast becoming rare.

Herba Linch Moringa Sweet Tea

Try this Herba Linch Moringa Sweet Tea. Wash just enough amount of moringa leaves and boil in water mixed with some chopped ginger. Get the brew and mix in some wild honey and squeeze with some kalamansi or lemon. Hmm! To me, it goes well with moringa pandesal, more so if the moringa flour is of squash. How's that for a herbal and organic breakfast?


Organic Egg

You know how to produce your organic egg? Raise up hens fed all their lives with organic feeds and pure water mixed with some organic vitamins. Is there such things as organic chicken feeds and water vitamins? Of course. I know of a professor-microbiologist who lives in the south of Luzon who prepares organic things like that made from concentrated all-organic micro organism. Poultry and swines fed with that are bigger and heavier and healthier yet they contain much lesser body fats.

So, you eat eggs from organically raised hens, plus fried organic chicken, and that's a super herbal and organic breakfast. Of course, you also have your organic rice. Organic fertilizers are now gradually conquering the local rice farming scene. That's good news for herbal and organic breakfast buffs like me!


Rice or Corn Coffee or Chocolate?

Now, in lieu of Herba Linch Tea, you may opt for rice coffee. Just roast your raw rice until crispy and brown and aromatic and easily ground. Then boil that in water and you have your organic rice coffee--that is, if you used organic rice. If not, you have your chemical rice coffee (hihi!).

Better yet, make your corn coffee. Same procedure in roasting and grinding and brewing. Just use organic corn. Now, here is the best option: Just buy organic 11-in-1 purple corn coffee which has moringa, agaricus mushroom, spirulina, hazel nut, purple corn extracts and herbs, among many other herbal ingredients. Just cut the sachet, pour the powder and hot water and presto! You have your herbal and organic breakfast coffee! It's my favorite afternoon snack.

You can also opt for a chocolate drink mixed with herbal goodness and purple corn extracts. Relish the thick and steaming hot chocolate drink made from the best cacao. No sugar added. And of course, needless to say, also my favorite!


Squash Noodles?

Ever heard of squash noodles? My sis-in-law uses that for her Canton noodles (pansit Canton) and it tastes like...well, noodles. But with a great difference--you get vitamins A and C plus other nutrients. You mix it with other veggies plus tofu and you have a full herbal and organic breakfast treat. Well, with noodles, it will be very hard to make sure that they're organic. If anyone knows where to buy noodles made from organic squash, please contact me.


And of course, do not forget your fresh fruits. Where to get your organic fruits? It's best if you grow them yourself and pick the fruit fresh from your garden. Fruit trees like atis, papaya, and banana can be grown organically in your backyard. Just grow them by spraying organic liquid fertilizer on the soil and plant. And how about tomatoes? They're easier to grow, and tomatoes are really fruits.

And Aratilis! yeah, no kidding. This berry is very easy to grow. Grow it in your backyard organically and enjoy the sweet red berries which it produces prolifically once it starts fruiting.


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    • Mardi profile image

      Mardi 5 years ago from Western Canada and Texas

      I have my own chickens and the eggs are fantastic. I love the ideas for all types of breakfast foods.

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 5 years ago from Jamaica

      These are some great tips for my breakfast, I'll pass on the organic eggs though.