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My Intimate Relationship with Crack Cocaine

Updated on January 9, 2014

Do you believe it is possible to have an intimate relationship with a drug?

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There was once a time when I was literally obsessed with smoking crack cocaine. For twelve long years crack consumed my every thought. It was the first thing on my mind in the morning and it was the very last thing I thought about when—I should say if I went to bed at all. I spent my entire day conjuring up ways to get it. Every dollar I got my hand on went toward the purchase of crack. It was during this time of intense passion that I learned that a person could have an intimate relationship with a drug that rivaled the intimacy of another human being. At first I thought, this is nonsense, but as I began to observe myself I concluded that not only was it possible but that I was indeed having an intensely passionate intimate relationship with crack cocaine. And though I knew this little white lump of chemical substance was not alive, it did not change the way I felt about it. I loved crack so much that I would do anything to possess it.

I ended my intimate relationship with this hideous drug twenty years ago. But I choose not to forget it because of the commitment I made to myself and addicts around the world who struggle with addiction. As many of my readers know, I am committed to helping others overcome addiction. But in this Hub, I have decided to tell you about a different approach, one that is less popular, but just as realistic, and in my opinion, very effective. If ever there was a secret to the power of drug addiction this would be my secret. When I learned the secret to the power of addicting drugs I was able to defeat [crush, annihilate, put behind] my addiction to one of the most difficult of drugs to overcome—crack cocaine. I am a million times happier and twice that fulfilled because this approach and I thought I would share it with you.


You might be wondering how it might be possible for someone to be intimate with a drug or a substance. Let us find out how by asking the question, what does it mean to be intimate. The word intimate can be defined as private and personal, so private and personal that it is kept secret or discussed only with a close friend or relative. Drug use is a private and personal thing. It is something a drug user is not willing to share with just anyone. Intimate drug relationships are born when the drug becomes the principal object of affection. Being caught up in such an intimate relationship with a drug is not very different from being involved in a human love affair. The actions leading up to drug addiction are gradual successions of behavior patterns that are almost identical to those experienced by someone falling in love with another person. Although people can pick up a drug habit on their own that can arise out of boredom, in most instances such a relationship can begin more or less with being casually acquainted with someone who knows enough about a drug to introduce you to it.

Once you have been introduced to a persuasively addicting drug such as crack cocaine for example, your world will be transformed forever. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a drug like crack cocaine would understand that it is a domineering drug, and if we look at crack from a relationship point of view I believe we would say with a strong degree of certainty that crack is an extremely jealous drug. Crack demands full control of all your facilities and it puts pressure on all the connoisseurs of its passion to render absolute loyalty, forcing them to comply with only the demands of crack cocaine.

Your addiction will develop into a love affair with crack that will not allow you to spend time with anyone or anything other than it, making it impossible for you to execute even the simplest task of personal hygiene—simple tasks such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, combing your hair and taking a bath—things that at one time were a part of normal everyday living will soon mean nothing anymore. Your entire life will eventually be devoted to chasing a little white stone that is tumbling toward the edge of a cliff that will one day end your life in a bottomless pit of anguish and destruction.

I can remember my early days of crack use and how I was so naïve about the dangers of using it. It wasn’t long before I learned that it is a drug that no one—and I do mean no one—can contend with on any level without becoming its slave. When you’re in a relationship with a drug like crack cocaine it is like finding your true love, sort of like you have suddenly found your Mr. or Mrs. Right, that person you hoped would be everything you wanted in a soul mate. But do not be deceived because your soul mate will suddenly mutate from a Dr. Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde, exposing that uncontrolled person who is quite a different person than the person you originally fell in love with.

When you first start to use the drug there is such a euphoric feeling, a state of bliss that immediately causes you to relax and lower your guard, leaving you vulnerable to its subtle and cunning onslaught. But then things start to change rather quickly. The transformation is both subtle and abrupt, and it leaves you baffled and you start to question whether you want to continue in such an unbalanced relationship. But then you realize that you’ve waited too long to stop using the drug. You can sense that you’re addicted, but all the while you can’t help but hope you’re not. Something deep inside tells you that you have become a slave to something you thought you knew—a little oily white stone that will soon have you doing things you never dreamed of doing. So against your will you go out and buy another crack rock because you can’t help yourself.

People claim to know about drug addiction when in fact they know very little, if anything at all. If you were to ask people to tell you what they know about drug addiction, very few people would connect drug addiction to the human spirit. In addition to damage done to the brain and body of a person, addiction also damages the human spirit which can be extremely demanding, adversely affecting your emotional state of being; leaving lifelong scars on your spirit that only God can heal.

Demonic activity is spirit in nature. Like many other addictive drugs, crack cocaine opens the door for demonic activity. When you use a powerfully addicting drug, such as crack cocaine, it opens a spiritual gateway that facilitates a spirit-to-spirit relationship in which your spirit interacts with the spirit of a demonic entity. The vast majority of people would dismiss the thought of demonic activity as nonsense, opting to believe that even if demons were real they couldn’t possibly be responsible for their addiction. But I have personally experienced such an encounter with crack, and unless you have been there you will never understand such a relationship and if you would consider and study the matter, you would be surprised at what you might learn about demonic activity and how it can work to manipulate your own spirit.

Does drug addiction affect the human spirit?

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Drugs Have Character

I have done quite a few different drugs in my life and down through the years I have discovered that different drugs have different character. No two types of drugs are alike. For example, crack cocaine is the most possessive drug that I have encountered and gram for gram it is an extremely dangerous and exceedingly jealous drug. Crack demands full control of all your facilities and it commands absolute loyalty from the connoisseurs of its passion. Crack cocaine puts the user under full obligation to comply with its demands only; everything else either becomes secondary or nonexistent in your life. I understand that this next statement might not go over too well with my readers, but you should hear me out because what I’m telling you is unedited truth, as I have experienced it. Many addicting drugs open the door to demonic personalities that can and eventually does become lord and master of the addicted user.

I will always remember how I tried to break free of my intimate affair with crack for many years but the drug would always win. In the latter stage of my addiction I finally realized that I was no longer the one in control and the struggle for my freedom turned into an intense and personal war. I had determined that I would fight to the death to regain my life, so in order to make the fight even more personable I assigned a personal name to the entity that became known to me as the crack demon. I called him YANLIC. The first letters in each word of the phrase You Are No Longer In Control spells his name.

Master of Deception

YANLIC is a master of deception. He uses subtle deceptive screens that are undetected by the user until it is too late; with cunningness he traps all who are unaware of his tactics and consumes them as well. Crack has but one goal and that is to destroy you and to make miserable the lives of everyone who cares for you. The end result of a demonic relationship with such an addicting drug is death in one form or another.

There are people in a relationship with YANLIC that don’t even know how intimate they have become with him. For example the tens of thousands of crack dealers who distribute this inexorable drug are under the sway of the demonic force, and without having any knowledge of his presence they have also become his slave. Although many of these runners, as they are called, do not use crack, they are under the influence of the same demonic spirit. When they take to the street to sell their product they hold it in their hands so that in the event of a surprise visit from the police they are ready to throw it. The danger for these runners is that crack cannot tolerate heat and the heat of their body is enough to dissolve it so the drug is entering their blood from holding it in their hands. So in essence they are addicted to crack and they don’t even know why. That is why they risk incarceration to sell crack, because they’re addicted to selling crack. So whether you are a crack user or a crack dealer, once again I emphasize that YANLIC’s only goal is to destroy your life.

Consider the demonic adversary YANLIC to be the terminator of terminators. Death does not always come in the form of dying physically; a man can be alive on his feet and still be as dead as the shoes on his feet. To the dealer who refuses to quit dealing, get ready because death will surely come either by way of murder or incarceration your day of reckoning will surely come. The crack demon takes pleasure in killing people and wrecking their lives. So for those who are in a relationship with crack cocaine one thing is certain: however death arrives, it will arrive at the hands of YANLIC.

The same fate or perhaps a fate that is even worse is in store for users of the drug as death may come in a variety of ways. I have seen people take a single hit from a crack pipe and immediately have a heart attack and die. Death is so sudden sometimes the victim dies with the crack pipe still in one hand and a rock in the other. Other crack addicts have died from dehydration, starvation, AIDS, and a number of health related problems brought on by the depraved lifestyle that accompanies crack cocaine. To some addicts death may come in the form of murder, suicide, or even an accident that might have been avoided if it were not for the influence of crack, not to mention the living death that might be in store for them. To lose your job, your wife and children, your house, automobiles, your savings, your self-worth and your dignity is certainly worthy of being called death.

In order to maintain intimacy with a drug a man will pimp his wife and his children, and even sell his soul to the demon for a few moments of pleasure. A woman will sell her body, and in some cases sell her children for a twenty-minute crack high. Most people would agree that no relationship is worth such a costly investment. Nonetheless people of all walks of life invest such priceless and irreplaceable things in a relationship with crack that in the end will only result in shame, death and destruction. Is any drug really worth all the hassle?


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    • pruntcess profile image


      2 years ago from NY

      I think that addiction can be treated and managed. I work in the field and see it every day, but not everyone in recovery believes in Christ or a god at all. It is possible to recover without religious undertones.

    • ericdunbar profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dunbar 

      2 years ago from New Orleans

      You can defeat him with Christ. That my friend is the only way to be free of him forever. Any other way, he is bound to return.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Yanlic is definitely real and noe that I know the enemy, I pray that I can defeat him


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