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Clean Your Liver At Home - The Dr Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

Updated on February 12, 2012

My First Liver Flush Using The Dr Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse Formula

In November 2000 I did the one-day liver flush or liver cleanse prescribed in Dr Hulda Clark's book The Cure For All Diseases.

I'd read relevant sections of the book and her parasite theory made sense. At the time I was suffering from a chronic abdominal pain.This is my story of how I completely eliminated that pain - and eight years later I remain free of that pain.

Following instructions in The Cure For All Diseases, the first thing I did was get out my Hulda Clark zapper and started zapping, I had obtained a zapper years earlier via the internet and was already familiar with how to use it.

According to Dr Clark, prior to doing a liver cleanse it's necessary to kill the parasites blocking the bile ducts in the liver. This amazing lady doctor even designed and had made electronic gadgets to detect and kill those parasites.

Hulda Clarks's device to kill parasites is often referred to simply as the zapper. The zapper is harmless to us but deadly to all of our parasites.

It's still difficult for me to understand why people continue to choose conventional medicine and surgery over the countless number of safer alternatives. Below is an example of why we should be more responsible for our own health.

Gallstone surgery leaves girl paralysed
Gallstone surgery leaves girl paralysed

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Gallstones from my first liver flush. Twice yearly liver cleanse is recommended.
Gallstones from my first liver flush. Twice yearly liver cleanse is recommended.

I Buy The Cure For All Diseases

I also had a sore elbow, a martial arts injury received earlier in the year. I found Dr Hulda Clark's The Cure For All Diseases in a bookshop. It almost fell open to a page about curing `tennis elbow'. I wondered if it would help with my injury, so I bought the book and took it home.

Zapping eases pain in elbow

Well, after about ten days of zapping later there was noticeable improvement in the elbow, so maybe the pain was from parasites - as the book suggested - and the zapping had killed them. Meanwhile I was really impatient to start the liver cleanse. I thought the book's stories of people passing gall stones without surgery probably exaggerated but I just had to try it for myself.

Neighbour preferred surgery to remove gallstones

Another coincidence - arriving home with the olive oil and grapefruit (ingredients as outlined in Clark's book) I chatted with a neighbour. He said he was recovering from `keyhole surgery' for gall stone removal and was due for further surgery next month. His wife had had a kidney removed some years ago. I showed him the book The Cure For All Diseases and told him about the liver cleanse but he wasn't interested.

As an aside, I continue to find it astonishing how many people will accept surgery as a first option. To me, any right thinking person must see surgery as purely a final option when all other avenues have been exhausted. The internet provides "free" access to a virtual infinity of natural remedies for practically every affliction under the sun. This is above and beyond what we've had in the UK and Australia for decades, access to free libraries

Liver Cleanse video testimony

Please enjoy the following short video testimony of one of the growing number of people smart enough to take responsibility for their own health. Also note there are numerous versions of the liver cleanse or liver flush, gall bladder flush, etc. available online. Choose whichever one appeals to you and try it, like Nina did.

gallstones float in water
gallstones float in water
Not pretty, but...
Not pretty, but...
gallstones - better outside the body!
gallstones - better outside the body!
Many, many more stones to come!
Many, many more stones to come!

Breaking The Rules

The day before my first liver flush I violated Dr Clark's rules. The book says no fatty breakfast - but we'd had McDonald's. Also I'had five beers the night before. But, I didn't want to put it off any longer and so I began the program.

Drinking Epsom Salts And Olive Oil - Yuck!

That evening, just before bed I took Epsom Salts for the first time in my life. It tasted absolutely vile. According to Dr Clark drinking epsom salts is necessary to open up the liver bile ducts. Next is virgin olive oil. This is necessary to allow gallstones smooth passage. Drinking a cupful of olive oil was revolting but tasted good in comparison to the epsom salts.

Contrary to Dr Clark's assurances I did feel hungry but stuck to the program anyway.

Hey, I Got Gallstones!

I managed to sleep okay but the next morning I rushed to the toilet upon awakening. The diaorrhea was not much fun. Afterwards, before flushing the toilet, I noticed small green thingies floating on top. Suddenly I got excited! I had a (disposable) plastic fork and jar on standby and did some careful fishing.

Each stone dropped with a clunk into the jar. Rinsing my collection of stones in the laundry I couldn't wait to show my partner when she woke. This was exactly the result claimed in the book.

Further loo visits during the day furnished more stones each time. This was amazing! The biggest measured half an inch. I stopped collecting after counting thirty but took digital photos. We celebrated that night with more beers. Hey, that's certainly not recommended but I don't claim to have the healthiest lifestyle!

Dr Hulda Clark books

Parasites can even cause arthritis !
Parasites can even cause arthritis !

More Gallstones Flushed

Next morning I passed even more gallstones from my liver, including a light brown stone twice as big as the largest green one from the previous day!

There had also been bits of plastic and other unidentifiable substances. I'd always assumed such things passed straight through the body undigested. How long had this stuff been stuck inside me there in my liver?

Hard to believe what was now in my collection jars! Obviously I was reclaiming my own liver. It felt like I now had a new liver already. Hulda Clark suggests to do the cleanse fortnightly until all stones are gone. And I had no idea how many more were to come.

Five Liver Flushes Removed All Gallstones

Altogether it took five separate flushes on five consecutive weekends to clean out my liver! . When it was done the abdominal pain was gone, I felt "cleansed", renewed, and absolutely fantastic.

I have done further liver flushes since that first liver cleanse in the year 2000. It is recommended to do two each year but I have only done one when I felt I needed to. I'm 60 now and did a liver cleanse recently which produced very few stones. Certainly I needed that initial cleanse and now my liver seems fine even though I drink wine twice weekly and still love curries and spicy food.

As I say, there are now numerous variations of the liver cleanse or liver flush freely available online. Find one that makes sense to you and which you feel comfortable with trying. And go for it.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I just finished doing Dr Clark's Kidney Cleanse (3 weeks) followed by the Liver Cleanse (2 weeks) followed by the 2-Day Liver Flush. Here is what I have to say about the whole experience.

      Firstly, I consider myself "opened mind" and truly believe in the statement, "Don't knock it until you've tried it." I also believe that modern medicine has many, many benefits but I also belief that there are major flaws, problems, and issues within the medical/pharmaceutical industries (be it from a procedural point of view or from a financial or "business" point of view). I also believe that homeopathic medicine also has many benefits and in many cases more advantageous than modern medicine and in some cases just as good.

      I am not medically trained but have experimented with diet, exercise, various detox programs, and holistic remedies over the past 30+ years. I am currently 49 years old, very rarely eat anything processed or "machine-made" and keep detailed records of my bi-annual blood tests, which include kidney function, liver function, cholesterol markers, ALP, Bilirubin, Calcium, Creatine, CRP, Sodium, Zinc, Vitamin D levels (just to name a few).

      Based on the lab results, I will often change my diet or consult a homeopathic doctor for natural ways to address results that may be either too high or too low than normal readings. In other words, Im very proactive about my health and diet.

      Before doing the kidney and liver cleanse, I went to the hospital with a friend who was complaining about severe abdominal pain. He ended up getting an ultrasound to see if he was suffering from gallstones. After he was diagnosed, I asked if I could get an ultrasound to see if I had any internal issues I was unaware of plus I was just curious. I then got an ultrasound of my kidneys, gallbladder, panaceas, and liver. My results were clean, i.e. no indication of stones of any size. In fact, the doctor was a bit impressed and asked what my diet consists of. In the end, my friend had to have his gallbladder removed, which I belief was the best treatment for the severity of his problem (not one I would have like to make but one that I believe was necessary for him).

      It was after my ultrasound that I started my cleanses. I took the supplements and capsules and drank the herbal teas as described in the Kidney and Liver cleanses. I did the flush as instructed which produced quite a few "stones".

      Ive read articles upon articles from the benefits of this flush to producing "olive soap". After the flush, I was left with a few questions. I didn't feel any better or worse than before doing it, although I did feel slightly uncomfortable during the actual flush, although not too severe. The questions I have are:

      1.) If I had these stones inside me, why didn't they show up on the ultrasound? We are not talking tiny microscopic stones here, some of my "stones" were bigger than 5 mm.

      2.) Medical doctors state that gallstones do not exit anally. Well then why did these? Either they are not stones or gallstones DO exit anally. Who is wrong in this case?

      3.) The bile ducts are 1/2 mm in diameter, if these stones passed thru a 1/2mm tube, wouldn't that cause pain? Wouldn't I feel something 10 times its capacity cause pain coming out.

      4.) I tried to get my "stones" analyzed at a medical lab but they said they don't do it… where can one send a sample of these stones in order to see if they are in fact real stones. I'd be willing to send and pay to get my sample analyzed.

      5.) When I was collecting my stones into the plastic container, I noticed that they smelled (no, I didn't actually sniff them but have a very sensitive sense of smell) like "throw up". Do gallstones smell like throw up or were these stones produced in my stomach and therefore smell like throw up?

      I'm not ready to claim these cleanses are bogus (since I have done numerous cleanses in the past in which I benefited immediately and that it actually produced what they said they would produce) but I do have my doubts about this particular flush. I'm leaning more toward it being medically inaccurate and bogus.

      In any case, can anyone comment on my questions or experience?

      P.S. I am planning a blood test to compare my results before and after the cleanses to see if anything changed because of it.

    • chepkoluumugulel profile image


      6 years ago from Texas

      This is very informative indeed. I think I am gonna try it especially since the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with my stomach. They ruled out gallstones though!. So now I've decided to conduct my own research. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      Dr Hulda Clark 

      9 years ago

      Dr. Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse, Colon Cleanse, Kidney Cleanses & Liver Cleansing Kits. Using Master Cleanse Herbalist Dr Hulda Clarks protocols.

      Purest Dr Hula Clark Cleanse Kits Here


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