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My Mind Is Made Up Of All That Matters To Me

Updated on September 28, 2012

Quote:Deborah Waring


Reflecting back on the events of this past year and my time spent here at HubPages and after having received a question from a fan and follower of mine,I decided to open up my mind and look inside to really discover why I am actually here at HubPages:


Hi wearing well,

I am trying to come to terms with some of your blogs; they are so well written, but so deep and thought provoking. Is this a deliberate writing style, or is there something of your experiences in there.

Some of your blogs stand in stark contrast to your appearance, which says bright, sunny, happy. You are a gifted, brilliant writer, and I am a fan.


Hi Hubber,

I've just sat down and catching up with emails and hubs, recovering from a near miss car crash due to an ignorant driver who decided to throw a bottle of milk out of his window,which then covered my windscreen!
Anyway unfortunately that's the ignorance of some inconsiderate individuals who live here on planet earth.Incidents like this just make you realise just how precious life is!
Glad I survived because it's not often someone takes the time out to pay a compliment to me and you've made my day with your nice comments in your email,thank you:)
When I joined HubPages I didn't class myself as a writer especially when I hadn't even passed English GCSE at high school,(exams must have been much harder then!) and had to retake it!Mind you, I was very ill as a teenager,that's my excuse anyway:)
Having been self employed for 20 years as a remedial therapist I had to find alternative work after a fall and the injury left me with herniated discs both cervical and lumbar regions and because massage therapy is quite a physical occupation, the repetitive work of soft tissue manipulation is the last thing I needed to be continuing with !

Fortunately my medical knowledge gained from my work in this field has stood me in good stead to maintain my weak back,but it doesn't always behave itself and if I over exert myself physically I end up back in spasm and pain.So I decided to take up part time teaching assistant work,which I found and discovered that I was passionate about; my eldest daughter now 16 has struggled with reading and writing due to her dyslexia.
(Could write a hub about this..)

Anyway that aside I wanted to help my younger sister raise money for a charity she feels very strongly about and it takes a lot of determination to be able to quit a well paid job to volunteer for a year in a country you know very little about.I came across HubPages after clicking on an add that said "Earn money through writing articles"so here I am !
All my hubs are written from self life experiences(many and varied) and my own personal views and outlook on life.
My mother has always been busy doing her own thing mainly for charities.So here I am hoping to do something for me for a change and help my sister with her charity work because I have always put other people first,before what I might have actually wanted to achieve for myself.
Heard the saying never judge a book by it's cover.It is true I can be a depressive person but then the positive of that predisposition is that I am a sensitive and caring and maybe a creative individual;I've learnt to except that a leopard never changes its' spots and I can just about live with that concept(makes for less stress in your life anyway).

My mindset is one of extroversion,happiness and joy but nobodys' perfect as I must have a chemical imbalance that triggers depression but I do try to keep it my little secret because at the end of the day it can become rather wearing on those close to you in life;so definitely less said the better unless your at the G.P.s surgery ha ha
I won a competition for a short childrens' story recently and I am constantly getting earache from my husband wanting me to get some of these short stories published.
I am glad I joined the hubbing world;I've found it therapeutic at times, being able to make comments on many issues we are faced with in life.I suppose I've always been a type of counsellor/life coach in my professional capacity as an aromatherapist.It has also been great being able to learn new things from others. Also when life is cruel you realise in this hopefully honest hubbing community,that you are not alone in your experiences too:)
Nice to meet you and I shall look forward to catching up with your quality well written hubs too:)
All the best and success life might bring!

My Motivational Inner Voice

  • I choose to live by choice, Not by chance,

  • To make changes, Not excuses,

  • To be motivated, Not manipulated,

  • To be useful, Not used,

  • To excel, Not compete.

  • I choose self-esteem, Not self-pity.

  • I choose to listen to the inner voice, Not the random opinion of others.

  • Watch your thoughts, they become words.

  • Watch your words, they become actions.

  • Watch your actions, they become habits.

  • Watch your habits, they become your character.

  • Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

My sisters,mother and me.
My sisters,mother and me.

Thanks go to ultimate hubber who inspired me to write a quote after reading Encouraging Quotes which then led me to create this titled hub.


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    • wearing well profile image

      Deborah Waring 7 years ago from Lancashire U.K.

      Epigramman Principle Poet,

      Thank you for your compliments of a recent picture taken of myself,sisters and mother;always appreciated :)

      I shall pass them onto my Mum,you'll make her day,as she is approaching her 70th birthday 2011.As an art lover myself(my mother use to own art shops!)I agree,she has an outer as well as inner beauty and certainly does deserve an accolade for her attractive looks.

      I shall be looking after her and cooking the Christmas dinner this year,which will make me very happy ;)

      All the Best for the New Year.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ..first of all because I am an art lover - lol lol - that is four very attractive women in the picture above - so classy and sophisticated!!!!! yes yes yes

      .....well when you have your mind made up that is a very exciting prospect for your readers because they share in the wealth of your fabulous writing ability and believe that is a Christmas gift you give us all year round.

      Thanks ever so much for dropping with your hall of fame comments and sincere good wishes - you definitely made my day so please stay well, be happy and look after your family during the holidays!!!!

    • wearing well profile image

      Deborah Waring 7 years ago from Lancashire U.K.

      Thank you for commenting Eaglekiwi.

      I am pleased that this hub has left you feeling inspired too:)

    • Eaglekiwi profile image

      Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania

      I feel so enriched and definately inspired after reading your hub.

      Thankyou for sharing.I must write that motivational to my heart!

      Thumbs up girl xo