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Alzheimer's and It's Effects

Updated on February 10, 2019

Where We Are

This past weekend, we moved my Mother into an Assisted Living Facility where she will be fed three times a day, have her medications monitored, her clothes washed and her apartment cleaned. After living in one location for almost nine years, the move was difficult for her. She will be in transition for quite awhile as she grows accustomed to her new location.

Over a year ago, her Alzheimer symptoms became more noticeable and alarming. Her doctor informed us of the impending need for medications to slow the progress of the disease and keep her independent as long as possible. In August, she became willing to take those medications available to her. In hindsight, perhaps we waited too long to initiate the Alzheimer meds.

Life today has become difficult for her. She has very little short term memory. An MRI has been scheduled by her neurologist to check for other changes or problems that could be causing some of the symptoms.


Family support has been vital during this season. As the main caretaker for my Mother, the financial, emotional and physical demands are great. Three of my four brothers live within driving distance from here. They all arrived this weekend to show their support and lend a hand where needed.

There were many conversations with Mom and each other about the move, the past, her finances, and our observations of the presenting symptoms. I am not sure how much my siblings grasped the immediate need for a move until they were able to see her current condition for themselves.

Looking Back

Over time I have realized that there were many little signs of dementia that have been evident over the past several years. There were covered up memory losses, forgotten skills, slowed thought processes and many more. Each person is different and the path of decline can be varied, but symptoms worsen with time. I am forever grateful for the years of relationship we enjoyed and that the progression has been slow.

The Process

A sadness hung over us this weekend. The communication was great, the tears sweet and the sharing vital. I am sure that this process of support for Mom will draw us closer as we talk and share together.

You don't have to look far to see other famiies dealing with someone affected by Alzheimer's. I heard today that our neighbor across the street is traveling each weekend with his wife to assist her Dad who is struggling with this same disease.

I will be writing more detail about my journey over time. There are many families across the nation currently dealing with this dreadful disease. We learn from one another and encourage each other to get through it with grace!.


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