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My Muscle Growth Experiment: Build Bigger Arm Muscles Fast

Updated on April 2, 2013


A lot of people want to build muscle quickly but they might not know how much they need to exercise. They could also have the wrong expectations. Expectations are important because having the wrong expectations can cause you to feel frustrated. It is easy to get discouraged when you do not notice an increase in muscle size.

For this experiment I wanted to see how fast I could increase the size of my arm muscles by an inch. Doing an experiment is a good way to gain knowledge. Instead of guessing or basing the expectations on wishful thinking I can obtain facts. Usually I would just focus on improving my strength or endurance when getting in shape.

Since my goal is to gain one inch the experiment will be over when both my arms are at least one inch bigger. I used the middle of my biceps to measure from because that is where most of the muscle is.

People often focus on their biceps but the arm has muscles on the front and on the back. So I chose to work my triceps and biceps.


I started doing an exercise routine twice a day 5 days a week. My routine consisted of doing push-ups on the stairs with my legs raised to the third step, barbell curls using 30 pounds of weights, diamond push-ups with my hands close together, overhead tricep extensions and a dumbbell floor presses with my hands close together.

When you do push-ups or presses with your hands close together it gives your tricep muscles a good workout. Since I was focusing on bigger muscles I did sets of 8 to 10. The routine was short but intense. After the workout my muscles would be sore for hours. That is why I exercised in the morning and at night. My muscles needed time to recover before I could exercise again.

The routine varied a little depending on how much I could do. I did not let it get easier. If I was able to do a few more repetitions I did. My diet and other behavior remained the same. You can increase the size of your arms by eating more but I did not want to gain fat.


My left arm was 12 5/8 inches and my right arm was 12 15/16 inches. After the experiment my left arm was 13 6/8 inches and my right arm was 13 15/16 inches. So there was a difference of 1 inch for my right arm and 1 1/8 inches for my left arm. I started on November 20 and finished December 5. So it took me 15 days. The key to my success was exercising different muscles. I could exercise my triceps then quickly change to exercising my biceps.

Focus on increasing your strength If you want to increase the size of your arm muscles quickly. Doing a lot of cardio exercises may interfere with your progress. The exercise intensity should be based on what you can handle. Your exercise sessions should be brief but intense.

The routine I was doing was not something I would want to keep doing twice a day but it got results. I did feel a little stronger and my muscles felt bigger and harder. However an inch does not make a huge difference in my appearance or how I feel about myself. There are more enjoyable ways to build muscle. Personally I would rather do fun things that provide me with exercise. Gaining an inch of muscle in two weeks is possible but it is hard work.


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    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 6 years ago from Jamaica

      I'll try this technique, sounds good