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My Natural Birth Story

Updated on September 30, 2017
AntashiaT profile image

I am a young mom of two who enjoys to talk, write, and read. Blogging is an enjoyable way to pass time for me, It's my passion.

No Sugar Coating Allowed!

NOTHING prepares you for the pain you will experience. I'm going to give the bloody truth on natural birth. This is isn't going to be your average article you see all over the world wide web. If you are about to give birth and/or scared about it. This is not your article to read. I will give you terrors.

All About The Belly

I'm not going to go to deep into my pregnancy just because this about my labor and birth, it is merely so that you all have a little background story on how the pregnancy transitioned into pre-labor.

My pregnancy was your typical pregnancy. Your day to day morning sickness and nausea the first trimester, got my energy back my second trimester, then everything went back down hill with my last trimester. I got extremely fat (which is expected) and overly tired. I had absolutely no energy my last trimester. I literally did not get to sleep, I was so uncomfortable! I was miserable my last trimester.

My Pre-Labor

So, here I was 39 weeks pregnant and still NO baby!? Let's back track a little bit. I was 38 weeks pregnant and my doctor advise me to get a membrane sweep to try and get things rolling for me and baby Aiden. For those of you that do not know what a membrane sweep is. It is where your doctor sticks her fingers inside of your cervix and does a circular motion to separate the sack from your uterus. They do this to active labor. It is supposed to release hormones to start labor. Anyhow, She wanted to try this if I haven't dilated any from then to my next apt, which was in a week. So, Next week comes around and still nothing. No contractions, no bloody show, no mucus plug. NOTHING! My doctor checks my dilation that Wednesday morning I went in and I was still at a three. There was absolutely no progress with in that week. Which, was is a bummer. Especially if you were as anxious as I was. She said she is going to go ahead and do the membrane sweep. I was like "alright, lets go!" I was also really scared because everyone said that it hurts pretty bad. My opinion is it was not as bad as people exaggerated it to be. It was not much different from a cervical check in my opinion. They say it is like 50/50 sot. Either it will start labor or not at all, and it can start with in 3 hours after or up to days afterwards. Well, for me it started immediately after the sweep. I got the sweep done around eleven o'clock and by noon I started contracting. I was so excited. The contractions finally started! They were consisted too. (Which is important for labor.) Well, long story short I did this for 4 LONG days straight. Labor would start and then just completely stop. Sometimes for many hours and then sometimes it would last for as little as 2 hours.

It Just Got Real

My Personal Photo, 39wks-4d  (Day before I had my son)
My Personal Photo, 39wks-4d (Day before I had my son)

Active Labor Was Here.

As I stated before, this lasted over a span of days. Then I started contractions around 5 p.m. on a Saturday evening. The only thing was, they were happening 30-minutes apart, but consistently. I tired not to think to much into it because I was tired of getting my hopes up for real labor to start. I felt so defeated, so anxious. This was giving me high amounts of stress. Not to mention how miserable I was from being pregnant, just sucked all the way around. Things started to get pretty intense around midnight that night. I was trying to labor at home as long as possible since I wanted a all natural birth. I told my boyfriend that we might actually have a baby tonight if things keep steady like it was. Well, sure enough 4 a.m. rolls around and at this point I cannot even stay still, I was trying to sleep. They say sleep (well try to) during early stages of labor. That way your not wore out in the end. My opinion, sleep stop happening months ago! So, what is one more night? Any who, I told my boyfriend that I am pretty sure this is it and to load up!

We get to the hospital and they do there normal tests and monitoring when your pregnant. My heart rate, the baby's, my contractions, Oh, and pee! Always pee when you are pregnant! Well, she comes back in and goes, ''Just get comfy, It will be an hour before we know if you are staying or not." They were checking for any progression within an hour. (Ughhhhh, Alright.) My boyfriend and I decided to walk around to try and help get things rolling. Plus my contractions were just too intense to lay in bed any how. At this point my contractions were around 5 to 3 minutes apart. The nurse comes back in and explain to us that I went from a 3 cm dilate to a 4 cm dilated, Which was great news. Progression, Yay!!

The baby was finally on his way! (for real this time!) Now that we know for sure we just wait, and things got really INTENSE. I was dilated to a 6 or 7 cm before I was begging for the epidural. They said they could get the guy down here soon as possible. He was only a 20 minute drive from the hospital. Every ten minutes or so I asked, "Is he here yet?" I was ready for the drugs, man! Then the epidural guy got there and I backed down. I was terrified I was not going to be able to stay still. All the hoop and holler for nothing. I felt so bad, I got this man out of bed and up at the hospital at 6 a.m. for nothing. Even though that is his job,I still felt so bad. I had no choice but to work through all this pain I was in, for it to only get worse was terrifying. Around this time I was dilated about a 7 or 8 cm, the finish line is so close.

Push It Baby, Push It.

Around 7 a.m the doctor comes in to break my water. I have heard people say it gets super intense after this. But, for me nothing drastic changed. After all, I was already cussing the whole staff out and trying to rip peoples heads off! I was the most terrifying thing in that entire hospital. You here other women stories and they're like, "Oh, it is nothing like television!" "The women are not screaming and everything is chaos." I beg to differ. I was screaming my freaking head off. I could not focus. I felt like my body was ripping in half and my head was spinning around. I was begging to get this child out of me. During my whole pregnancy I watched you-tube channels and read article and article after another. NOTHING prepares you for natural child birth! I learned breathing techniques and pain management. Nope, all that did for not.

Well here we were, a whole solid 9 cm dilated! All the nurses and the doctor were getting set up in the background to delivery the baby. Normally, the doctor and nurses will tell you to focus on your breathing and bear down on your chest. Not this chick. I was ready, the baby was ready. I felt him in and between my pelvis bone and trying to come out! I started pushing. Everyone was like telling me to relax and to breath through it and not to push. I did not listen. I had to push, like now. It was like a MASSIVE poop that was going to come out RIGHT NOW! I was pushing like my life depended on it. (kind of did.) The doctor just got to the point where she's was coaching me through it at this point. I felt my self pooped. Thankfully, everyone told me it was just baby goo and that I in fact did not poop. I didn't find out until after the birth that I had actually pooped myself.

My son was out in three long, hard pushes! He came out so fast! He damn near face planted the bed, so my boyfriend says. Poor guy had swollen eyes and bruises all over his little baby face. I was just glad he was out and the pain was over with. I was so relieved to finally meet my little man after a long 9 months of anxiousness. I don't think all the emotions hit until moments later. I was in shocked that I birthed this giant baby without meds! Oh, yeah, He was a full 9 lbs and 4 oz. I just pushed out a 9 pound baby?! What the hell?! I will say it defiantly felt like I was pushing 9 months out of my vagina! Almost three months later, and, I am still in awed.

© 2017 Antashia T


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