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My Secret Weapon Against Migraines: How Meclizine Spared Me From Agonies..

Updated on March 2, 2013
GarnetBird profile image

Gloria taught for many years, and also worked as a mental health group facilitator.

Warning: I am not a Doctor or Medical Professional.  My story is simply designed to share what still works for me.
Warning: I am not a Doctor or Medical Professional. My story is simply designed to share what still works for me. | Source
Meclizine HC 25 mg./can be ordered from Amazon. com.
Meclizine HC 25 mg./can be ordered from Amazon. com. | Source

By Gloria Siess {"Garnetbird}

Throughout my college days at Ohio State University (Columbus), I was plagued by migraines. Often the aura of flashing light would precede it, making my bedtime dreary. I always knew there was a chance I would awaken to a pounding, pulsating agony that only a fellow migraine sufferer can appreciate. My campus doctors prescribed cafergot and darvon--this got me through, but the treatment did not knock out the vicious circle of pain, only addressed the symptoms as it appeared.

A migraine is an inflammation of arteries in your brain. Blood vessels enlarge and chemicals are released at the point of inflammation, often centering on one side of the head. Aside from the pain, it also causes disabling nausea and light sensitivity. Many doctors believe it can be triggered by food allergies, and treat it with anti-histamines. This did not work for me, until I stumbled upon a drug that is not commonly used to treat this condition: Meclizine.

Meclizine is an over the counter medication, usually prescribed for travel sickness and nausea. I came across this powerful medicine by accident, as a good friend of mine was being treated for inner ear ringing and vertigo. It seems to open the ear canals and perhaps eases some of the stress on the sinuses. After taking one at bedtime I was able to stave off an aura of impending migraine. I later found when I awoke, the headache was gone and I felt rested. This also worked for regular sinus and stress-related headaches. I simply took a meclizine tablet at bedtime and would awake without the pounding misery of my former days.

I am not a doctor or pharmacist, but I took notice of the effect of this medication and asked my health care provider about it. He responded that perhaps the kind of anti-histamine found in meclizine targeted the histamine that inflames the migraine process. Other such antihistamines simply had no effect on my headaches--only meclizine.

Meclizine can be found over the counter in some travel sickness pills--check the ingredients carefully, however, as often another substance is used. I found the most efficient way to keep myself in stock was to simply order it on Amazon and get it from Rugby Co. in pure form. It is also cheaper that way, even when you include the shipping. As it causes drowsiness I would not recommend any headache sufferer to take it and attempt to drive or do detail work. I take mine at night, the minute I sense an episode and aura. I am sharing this in hopes that there might be someone out there who might also respond to this medication, and thus save themselves money and suffering.

Always be careful to not combine any medication that causes drowsiness with other substances such as alcohol, sedatives, etc.--and of course ask your Doctor if Meclizine might work for your headaches by addressing the inflammation and opening the ear canals. For me, I have only praise for it, and have not suffered from migraine for over twenty years.


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    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 4 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Many people, who read this hub, are going to bless you. I'm lucky never to have suffered from migraines. I have known people who did and it really is a dreadful ailment.

      It's great that you have found an effective cure.

      I've shared this hub. I think a lot of sufferers need to read it.