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My Being Fat Does Not Make Science Invalid

Updated on August 21, 2019
I felt a bit sassy after yet another "You're wrong because you're fat" comment.
I felt a bit sassy after yet another "You're wrong because you're fat" comment.

My weight does not mean science isn't real.

I'm fat.

I've always been fat.

Seeing how I have polycystic ovary syndrome, anemia, and allergies, all of which contribute to weight gain and a slower metabolism I will always be fat. No matter how many diets and exercises I try. So why suffer and be unhappy just because society says I have to?

But without fail, someone always has to use my weight against me. Telling me how I'll always be a failure. Claiming I'm not actually asexual, I just can't get laid. (Gee, all the perverted DMs from chubby chasers I get says otherwise.) Saying that I must be stupid just because I'm fat. That I'll die alone and unloved.

By far though the funniest remarks come from anti-vaxxers because apparently my weight means science is completely invalid.

Every single time I say that vaccines and genetically modified food is safe, that they do not cause Autism, cancer, homosexuality, mass shootings, etc, even when I provide real links by real researchers proving them wrong, the response is always the same. "You're fat therefore you're wrong about vaccines and GMOs being safe! Vaccines and GMOs made you fat!"

Of course I've also been called obese and accused of having diabetes. The latter of which is not only untrue - because of my PCOS I'm under the care of an endocrinologist and I'm nowhere close to being diabetic - it's also a weird insult as there's nothing wrong with being diabetic, it's just something that happens. I've known vegans who exercise daily and well within a medically safe weight range who became diabetic overnight because they were genetically predisposed to it. They then had to give up being vegan as meat protein such as chicken is the best way to maintain safe blood sugar levels.

I laugh because when it comes to my weight I have heard every insult out there and they're all equally unimaginative and repetitive. Sometimes I'm tempted to go off on a Cyrano de Bergerac type monologue with better insults than "pig" and "whale."

It's funnier though that these people who refuse to give their children life saving vaccines due to imaginary toxins and fictional vaccine injuries seem to think my weight automatically invalidates science. If that was true then we'd all be floating off in space since my being fat means that gravity doesn't exist, but don't worry, we won't die because my being fat means we don't need to breath, drink water, or burn up in the atmosphere of any planet we start enter in our great space drift.

Since none of that is happening though, we can all be sure of one thing - my being fat has zero effect on science.

Vaccines and GMOs are safe. Vaccines work, they save lives, vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated. My fully vaccinated dog will outlive many unvaccinated children. GMOs are not only safe, but better for the environment than organic and the Non-GMO Project is a total scam.

Sorry, anti-vaxxers, my being fat does not invalidate science. So shut up and vaccinate your kids or give them up for adoption to someone who actually loves them.

A list of actual reports of "vaccine injuries" reported to VAers. Apparently bad bleach jobs and being murdered are caused by vaccines. Just throwing this in here to show how stupid anti-vaxxers are & how far they'll go to justify their child abuse.
A list of actual reports of "vaccine injuries" reported to VAers. Apparently bad bleach jobs and being murdered are caused by vaccines. Just throwing this in here to show how stupid anti-vaxxers are & how far they'll go to justify their child abuse.


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    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      20 months ago

      People can be so cruel and your piece is not only scientifically correct but full of strength, courage and your own inner beauty. Having children vaccinated not only protects them but also protects those children who cannot for health reasons be vaccinated. We cannot go back to the days when these terrible epidemics caused thousands of deaths. Great article and thank you for sharing.


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