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Granny's tips to good health

Updated on March 16, 2014

Medicinal plants

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Guava plant Tulsi or bansil plant
Guava plant
Guava plant
Tulsi or bansil plant
Tulsi or bansil plant

Granny's tips to good health

Prevention from malaria

5 gms jaggery,(GUR)

2gms camphor

Kneed together and make 12 small tablets

Have one tablet thrice a day for four days

The fever will go away

Take handful of basil leaves(tulsi)

Four to five black pepper seeds

and little black salt

Mix all together and make a paste

and then boil it in 250 grams of water when it is half the content have it you will soon get rid of malaria

Have it for 3 to 4 days (once a day)


If you are suffering from constipation eat ripe guavas on empty stomach every morning you will get rid of constipation for ever


Eat a guava after having your lunch every day for some days you will get rid of indigestion problem and you can digest toughest of food which seems to you can't be digested

IF you have gastric problem you may sprinkle black pepper powder and black salt on the guava and eat to help yourself

Bad breath

Take some twigs of guava tree and churn them make powder and rub it every morning and night into your mouth the foul smell will go away from your mouth

It also helps strengthening you shaky teeth and you get relief from tooth ache and .sores in your mouth.

Take some guava leaves wash them and boil them in water then gurgle your mouth with it you will get rid of sores

regular consumption of guava helps you to get rid of your bad habits like drinking or any bad habits of taking cocaine ,cigars and many more

If you chew guava lives regularly you will get rid of smoking habits and also habit of having betel leaves and tobacco

If you have built a dislike for food , have a guava everyday to reform your eating habit .

note:--do not eat guava in the evening or at night its has cooling properties and may not be good for health.


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      Sarika Mehra 9 years ago

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      Lgali 9 years ago

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