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Updated on November 22, 2014

My Rant

First let me preface by saying that this article has nothing to do with my faith or political views...

For those that don't know my story, here is a very brief, quick introduction. I am a married, 43 year old mom of a 19 year old, and a 15 year old. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. Given just 6 months without treatment, chemotherapy treatments have kept me here for an additional three years. In this three years, my youngest daughter has had to have two different surgeries to remove kidney stones. Although kidney stones seem to be minor in nature, the stones completely blocked the tubes, and without the surgery she would have died, due to her kidneys failing.

Now onto my rant:

I work hard, and so does my husband. We have battled our way up from collecting food stamps and Medicaid, in our early marriage, to a (low) middle class income with medical insurance.

Can you tell me how two hard working people can come across medical bills, WITH insurance that could cripple us and take away everything we have paid for, with our own/earned income...while all the while people receive FREE medical care while in jail, or here in the country illegally?? Every day people on free, government-paid, healthcare FAKE an injury (racking up thousands of dollars in "FREE TO THEM" medical bills) in order to receive pain pills that they can either abuse or sell on the streets.

Meanwhile regular tax paying US citizens are going under...

Because we are considered middle class, we qualify for absolutely NO assistance, but yet now have over $15,000 due in medical payments. This is what WE owe...with medical insurance. One of my daughter's surgeries was $30,000! My treatments? Well, let me tell you it is well over half a million dollars.

How are you supposed to live? Yes, we can give some things up: water bills, phone bills, electricity. If you really wanted to hit us, we could give up our vehicles/insurance/fuel expenses and thus have to quit our jobs, because we don't have transportation to get there. Would we then have to file bankruptcy and lose the roof over our heads? Could we then qualify for food stamps to feed our family?

This is what the United States of America is becoming. Soon many people will be right here with us...then who is going to pay the taxes?

I'm just flabbergasted at how our family, who lives within our means, can end up so desperate and pressed from all sides. We don't have a fancy house, nor fancy cars. We don't dress to the gill or have every new electrical gadget.

We are struggling...and all of this because of medical bills...

What choice do we have? Quit chemo treatments? Yes, I can make that choice. Let my daughter die because of a kidney stone??? What mother would ever do that?!

I'm leaving this blog at this, with unanswered questions and a fading hope in everything good in this country.

© 2014 Michele Adams

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