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My Meatless Life: Loving It!

Updated on October 28, 2019

Plant Based Means real whole natural foods


My life has forever changed since transitioning to a plant based lifestyle

Going meatless was something I never thought I would do. And giving up cheese I would never, I could never!

So how is it I have managed to become essentially a vegan, oh I hate that cause I’m not. I do eat a mostly plant based diet but not 100% I admit that so I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian I’m food conscious.

So why did I choose this lifestyle?

When I began researching this way of life, I read lots of peoples stories most people seem to be doing this for the animals for the planet. And yeah, good for them is it selfish of me that my reasons are purely for my own needs and wants. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for saving the planet, for a decade I have lived off the grid producing our own power, and water. In more recent years we began growing our own organic food and for a while raised birds for eggs and meat. We reduced our carbon footprint more than most and continue to live this way. So, need-less to say, yes of course I chose this nutrition lifestyle for the animals and planet how could I not, but for me personally it’s not why I choose 99%of the time to go animal free. I do it for me, for my health and wellbeing. For my body, mind and even my soul.

This transition hasn’t happened over night and yes, I still love meat and cheese, however facts; scientific facts proves these items are not good for our bodies and in turn our bodies are continuously fighting back with inflammation, diabetes, cancers mental illness, obesity, and on and on. We are sick and I see it in all the people whom I love if I can change maybe it will inspire them as well, or you. I do this for me and hope maybe you might want to make changes for your self as well. I’ve done the research I know what the facts are. If we eat plants, we get everything our body needs. EVEN PROTEIN We have a chance to live without suffering and disease and according to studies live longer. the benefits of this lifestyle can’t compare to anything else. Feeling good and energized all the time. More focused and clarity. Weight loss, reduced inflammation regulates cholesterol and blood sugars and restores and raises libido. The list really is too long. Bottom line plants make us feel amazing and prepared and cooked right it doesn’t have to be boring. I hear this a lot oh its so frustrating.

I make more delicious meals now that I’m plant based then I ever did cooking meat and packaged crap. More variety and flavors in meals and I don’t feel like I’ve given up anything I can still eat dairy free cheese that taste delicious animal free burgers and so many more options. I truly love eating this way its so far from boring, its life changing!

Because this lifestyle has changed me in so many ways all for the better I now teach others just like you to transition over from processed foods to a plant based lifestyle. I find joy everyday by nourishing my body with real healthy food and nourishing my soul by helping others find health and happiness too!

Have you been considering a plant based or vegan lifestyle?

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