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If You Are the "New Kid in Town", Smile, Don't Look Away. Be Strong. and Never, Ever Sell Yourself "Short"!

Updated on July 31, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Longfellow's Serenade, Much Were The Plans We Made!

Don't Sell Yourself "SHORT"

Yes, I was literally selling myself short and crying in my beer one Friday night.

A giant Viking biker friend from northern Wisconsin was a good friend.

I was the ex Preacher from California, He thought I was OK for a New Kid.

He noticed I was down.

"Hell, have another beer, this may FEEL like your worst day, but it can still be a damn good day! It's up from here. There's Magic in Your Own Ratings!"

Ironically he ended up being right. I'll Never Forget His Advice.

Keep These Three in Mind

Remember you are on the Divine’s Stock Exchange and there is

1) a resistance to total collapse, and there is

2) strong support for upward growth and maturation, and there is

3) an unseen hand that is going to work toward “returning to normal”.

Selling Yourself Short Will Push Your "Trending" In The Wrong Direction

How Do We Trend When We're "The New Kid in Town"

After doing some trading, I thought about how these days everything could be theoretically put into some “exchange”, traded, sold and purchased, like companies and commodities.

After All "Perceived Value" is everywhere -- from exotic teas to clothes to real estate to Nation's Economic Ratings ---- to how we look on our resume, to ----- are we "The New Kid In Town".

Selling Yourself "Short" Can Be a Negative "New Kid" Reaction

In my life it seemed that I was always NEW. “The New Kid in Town” was especially poignant for me. When you are a New Kid, every year you have to break in strangers to your personality, your smarts, you’re cool, your way of being. High pressure urban culture to country settings. Feeling "new" is a floating ubiquitous drama.

When people are "New at Work", oftentimes they do not appreciate the importance of their first steps. It is when you are new and first impressions are made that your long term success can be affected.

Speak not of: “Does Judy love me” – but am I lovable in as many ways as I can think of so that a theoretical Judy would love me?” By this I mean: How long has it been since you gave yourself a TOTAL ANALYSIS; as if you were a "House for Sale" or a "Company with Shares to be Purchased"? Sounds kind of cold and analytical, but maybe there are ways to take the intense heat down, and give yourself a sense of ease and a little savoir fair. There are many ways to study to lower your own inner temperature and elevate gracious smoothness.

"The New Kid In Town"

I am constantly trying to improve my physical status (lose weight), my health (keep blood sugar down), my demeanor (don’t look disinterested) and my lively engaging personality (smile at people). It goes on and on does it not? I thought that when I hit the older years that would start to change, but I find that now that I am older I am constantly trying to declare that I am not THAT OLD. “I am not that YOUNG!” So in fact, as long as you are "in the game" - ALIVE AND KICKING, you are still alive!

So, as I age and engage in this new avocation, I am finding that not only is the phrase “trending” meaningful, but also “support” and “resistance” become important to the way The New Kid in Town makes it through the day.

The Unseen Force in Back of the New Kid In Town

As the New Kid in Town, you will have times, events, places and arenas that make you feel UNEASY (That is the "New Kid in Town" Feeling a “resistance price”. This means that if it goes down to a certain point, things will work to keep it from going lower.

We do get support in our efforts, and there is a resistance against “total collapse”. And there is an UNSEEN FORCE that supports the process of manifestation throughout nature, business and life. We all can Manifest Competence more by playing that the New Kid In Town really is an Artifice of our own making. The Unseen Force is the strong activity of our Inner Will that turns your Inner Script into Heroic Dialogue.

“Regression to the Mean” - What does it Really Mean?

In probability and statistics, “regression to the mean” describes the tendency for things to return to normal, whatever it is that normal might be.

Regression to the mean does not imply a return to a normal rate of change, but rather, a return to the long-term trend - what would be expected as an end result years from now given historical averages.

Remember, you have gotten over things in your life before, and that a balance is bound to return if you keep your balance now.

Have Faith in Resistance, Support and a Return to the Mean

If you take a short view of your recent life’s happenings, or a longer view of your whole life, you can see these forces at work.

I remember after leaving the ministry and divorcing, a made a trip to Chicago from my homeland of California. I was a stranger there, having immediately broken up with an old girl friend from years gone by. I had a job in a steelyard hauling scaffolding around. My bodily department was mighty. I was as healthy as I could be. I was still young. I had a car and a job. Those departments were great! But I was in despair and constantly thinking about all my recent failures. I would have been "sold" at this point. And I was, (tell me if you have heard this phrase): SELLING MYSELF SHORT!

For my worst day, it was my best because I saw the resistance (you can only fall so far) and the support (there is love and encouragement everywhere if you don’t reject it) and a return to the mean actually means you can look to a “brand new normal”.

Always be encouraged by the help from the Unseen Hand allowing for a "sold short" investment to dress up in new clothes and return to a new normal. Since we have all been drowned in Real Estate News, Meditate allegorically on improving your landscape, putting in new carpet, installing a ceiling fan, even upgrading your Fridge. Ever listen to a Real Estate Agent tell someone how to improve their chances of being bought? Think about it.

The Crazy Viking and The New Normal.

Thanks to the Crazy Viking for pointing me wisely to the Unseen Hand that everyone benefits from everyday. I returned to a "New Normal", I upgraded my Real Estate. Most of all, I became awashed in the love of new people and I gave new love to new and old people. By increasing my real and perceived sense of Value, I got new support from everywhere. Thanks to the Divine for the Unseen Hand. I got to relish the New Kid feeling; and enjoy success in the Human Marketplace.

New Kid In Town

There's talk on the street; it sounds so familiar.

Great expectations, everybody's watching you.

People you meet, they all seem to know you.

Even your old friends treat you like you're something new.

Johnny come lately, the new kid in town.

Everybody loves you, so don't let them down.

The Eagles - 1976

© 2013 Christofer French


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