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NLP Health

Updated on July 9, 2009

Stress And NLP Health

Stress is an emotional and physical response that we show towards different pressures from the workplace, school and other institutions.  Stress reactions would include inability to focus, concentrate, headache and fast heartbeat.   Almost everybody develops stress, but how we deal with it is important.  NLP Health is something that can be done to deal with stress.

When overcoming stress with NLP Health, it is important to recognize first the stress in a present force in whatever career we choose.  But stress can be dealt with.  If you are handling a business team, then you should learn that stress can affect the productivity of workers.

The work environment can be a major stressor,  but this is something which you may not be able to control.  But instead of trying to control the work environment, you can try to work out of it.  You can take one step at a time towards your goals.  The question is, how do you work around stress?

You can reduce the risk of stress by seeing things in a new perspective.  What are examples of these perspectives?  An example would be learning to let go of situations where  cannot have any control over it.  Stress over these things which you cannot control should be transformed instead to positive energy.  You can just focus your energy to other things which you can control.

NLP Health also helps you to be familiar with your emotions and learn how to control it.  This attitude could also help a lot in overcoming and managing stress.  There are things which you can change, while there are things that are beyond our control.

Actually there are simple steps and tips that you can do to deal with stress.  Failing to deal with stress during its starting stage can eventually lead to chronic stress.  Chronic stress is one of the reasons for frequent headaches, ulcers, indigestion, high blood pressure and heart issues.

ï Saying no to commitments that would require time and energy.
ï Regular exercises, especially stretching and breathing exercises.
ï Meditation
ï Eating healthy food
ï Asking help from other people to lessen the burden.

To deal with stress, you can reduce the stressors in your life to avoid feeling the effects of stress.  Aside from stress reduction, you can also stress prevention.  Stress prevention removes the possibility of stress to happen.  With this two methods, it is important to identify which emotions are attitudes stress or irritates you the most.  You can isolate the following attitudes or learn how to react to this stressors.

You have to know and understand your limits.  After understanding your limits, you would have to learn how to say no.  It is different that you know your limitations, but still accept whatever other people say to you.

Succeeding with NLP Health would help individuals to work and focus their mind and spirit on their work and other things.  They remove stress and encourage peace, tranquillity and spirituality within them.  You can incorporate stress reduction and prevention in daily life.

Some people would turn to medication to deal with the symptoms of stress.  Since it could be severe or disabling, there are people who take medications but fail to address the real issue.  Yes medication would the effects, but it is more likely that it would reoccur.  But with NLP Health, you change your entire outlook and perspective in life that this guides you to avoid anything that could stress and wear you out.

NLP Health And Your Kids

Why is it important to teach NLP Health to your children?

Our children nowadays are the next generation.  They would be facing a future that could hold immense possibilities and opportunities.  But even with this bright future waiting for them, there is also a sad future waiting, a future where uncertainties and materialism can be prevalent.  How can we prepare our children to face this kind of future.

It is beneficial to teach children a new set of values and attitude that would be good for the family.  Helping children develop NLP Health in early age will help them have a mindset and habits that could be an instrument for their success in the future.

The recently discovered NLP Health would help an individual to develop skills and behaviour that would help them deal with difficult circumstances.  NLP Health enables an individual to understand the strengths and weaknesses of other people and deal with their emotions.  Aside from this, NLP Health encourages thinking outside the box and ability to take responsibility for their life.

These attitudes would be very beneficial for our kids.  NLP Health can also help children develop confidence grounded on reality, different from arrogance, live life and inspire other people and the world.

How can we start teaching our children about NLP Health?

We could start teaching our kids early, with the current environment,  the chances that our kids would get affected by depression, anxiety, physical and mental health problems are also high.  Attitude changes attained through NLP Health are not innate.  It is important the our kids learn to keep their self-confidence and stay positive to be able to fulfil their dreams.

Start with telling your children about the facts of life like failure.  You could share your own failures and disappointments.  To help children deal with anger and frustration, you can start letting them know that failing is part of achieving big dreams. When you share experiences about failing something, make sure that they see the point that you continued with your dreams even if you failed once.

It is okay for your children to experience setbacks and unwanted outcomes.  NLP Health is about being grounded to reality and dealing with difficult situations.  This experience would help your children understand on how to deal with their emotions.  Do not try to interfere too much, provide breathing and learning space for them.

For children to be successful adults, they need to be able to face challenged independently.  Children need to know that setbacks and anxiety can be normal, but they are there for them to overcome.

It would also be helpful if they would be able to identify themselves as a part of a whole.  Encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities and team activities would help them develop their methods of interacting with peers and seniors.

But if they have joined groups and extracurricular activities, do not interfere or even provide your opinion.  Let them talk about it, like how they feel about being part of the team,  how could they help or interact with each other.  But otherwise, keep the opinions to yourself.

When teaching your children about NLP Health, do not teach them as if it is a lecture.  It would be less effective if you ask them to sit down and take down notes.  Introduce the concepts gradually and in different ways.  You can introduce it while talking over dinner and family activities.  Children would absorb them easily since they are integrated in their daily lives and it becomes natural learning.

NLP Health And Organizational Performance

NLP Health is not something you can accomplish overnight.  It is not just going beyond what you can do with your skills and talents.  NLP Health is how you understand and direct your life.  For an organization to succeed, each person member of the organization has to be part of the organization purpose and make it their own personal purpose.

When each member of the organization adapts the organization purpose as their purpose, personal and organization growth increases.  Imagine the power of an organization whose member believe and are committed to one idea?  This is the deepest commitment an organization could ever have.

On a ìjourneyî towards NLP Health, you are in search for your life direction and purpose.  You are aware of your personal weaknesses and strength, responsible for your actions and accept who you are.  Followers of NLP Health are capable of accepting the harsh realities and learn to adapt with the changes happening in their surroundings.  Thos who have high level of NLP Health are able to commit into their lives and see themselves as part of the whole.

These people when combined with the members of the group or an organization, they can influence others to have the same thought. They can influence but not control.  Since they are grounded to reality, they can objectively identify the areas where improvements are needed in the organization.  They became a part of the system and see themselves as part of the holistic development of the organization.

Not only do people with high level pf NLP Health able to influence others, their commitment could also be an example and they could also take on leadership in the organization.  Effective managing is one of the necessary methods that can be performed to help other organization members to commit into the organizationís purpose.  Simple act like coaching and counselling can be a great help for promoting personal growth.

NLP Health also helps organization members to step out of the box or their comfort zones.  Some organization leaders are not comfortable would this idea sometimes, especially if the activities in the comfort zone are those that have produced success.  But stepping out of the comfort zone strips people of the self-imposed limitations.  NLP Health is about expressing your talents and yourself in creative manner.

Growth and development are the concepts encouraged by NLP Health.  When organization members are working to attain NLP Health, their personal vision clears and starts getting fulfilled. There are changes that can happen when organization members work for NLP Health like easy resolution even in hard issues and cases, teams and groups work easily even if they do not belong in the same department and accomplishments is starting to be common in the organization.

An organization can help their members to attain NLP Health, there are trainings, consultancy and coaching which can be provided to individuals, teams and even to the whole organization. Training and consultations could include self-leadership, stress- management, well being, emotional and social intelligence and other related disciplines.

Dealing with these different aspects would surely improve the organization performance.  Organizations should capitalize on their most important asset, their people.  Organization members who have attained NLP Health would understand the organizationís strategy, how their own actions contribute to their colleagueís and superiors performance, and how their tasks in part of the whole performance.

NLP Health And Improving Your Life

There are a lot of people who have recently discovered NLP Health as a method that could improve their way of life and deepen their perspective and outlook   What is NLP Health and how can it improve your life?

NLP Health is about deepening our understanding and expanding our perspective about life.  NLP Health develops vision, energies and enables us to determine what direction we are taking in our life.  People who have achieved NLP Health testified that they would feel a positive change in their life.

There are different benefits an individual may gain from NLP Health:

ï Clear decision making – since an individual who have attained NLP Health has gained clear vision on their purpose and their mission in life, decision making would be easy and at the same clear for them.
ï Strong creative leadership – NLP Health develops strong leadership. NLP Health can develop a personís communication skills and confidence as a leader.  Effective leaders also need to manage their emotions and not let their emotions get in the way of making judgement.
ï Increased emotion intelligence ñ mastering our emotions could be difficult at times especially during period of difficult and challenging times.  Coaching and counselling could improve how an individual develop and master their emotions.
ï Improved work life balance – those who have attained NLP Health testified that they can see significant effect on how they have handled their life.  Whatís good with NLP Health is that you can implement this even in your career and interpersonal relationship.
ï Reduced stress levels ñ since NLP Health deals with understanding reality and weaknesses, it can result to lower stress levels.  Aside from that, NLP Health also helps an individual accept change and be flexible about it. This could help a person  deal with stress and  reduce it.

NLP Health can even help you let go of bad habits and behaviour.  For example, NLP Health can help you get over with smoking or alcoholic addiction.  You do not only address the habit but deals with the reason why you have started the habit in the first place.  The difference is when you only address the habit, it is possible for it to come back again.  But when you tackle the issues behind the habit, it would make you stop the habit altogether.

One of the great things about NLP Health is that it can be applied whether you want to improve your career, leadership or your organization.  NLP Health can even help you with career, whether you would like to change your path or would like to improve your performance in the current career you are in.

Business organizations have cited different benefits when their leaders and their members have achieved NLP Health. Studies and statistics showed that companies and business organization were able to think creatively about resolving issues.  NLP Health were also able to bring out the best from the employees and also able to have higher staff retention.  Employers also comment on the strong relationship among the workers, NLP Health could encompass teams, departments and even workers and senior relationship.  Business statistics also showed that NLP Health showed an increase in productivity, profit and customer service performance.

NLP Health, contrary to what it literally means, is not just for your own person. Improving yourself could mean a lot, you are a part of a whole (another NLP Health key principle).  Your improvement can influence others and eventually change the world into something better.


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