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Nadi Pariksha Only.( TN - MP - Krishnagiri Dt -Do You Read This.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Show me your Left Hand please.( forLady's.)

Stethoscope | Source

This Sign Board attracted us at the Ashram.

Cure by Wrist Examination.

When I saw the Sign Board " Nadi Pariksha" in a Ashram run by Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar I was thinking that this is another type of doctor.that existed in our country. My wife was interested as usual to find out how our health has improved after we entered the holy guruji's ashram.We waited for the doctor who came on time which impressed me.I told her that I was waiting since yesterday and she said it was a holiday.She again beat me on my crooked joke but was all smiles when I smiled.She examined my wife first by holding her left hand wrist and told her to close her eyes.She did the same and perhaps it was just a minute or more she wrote down on her report her views of my wife's health and wrote down the required medication for her to be taken daily for 2 months and report to her the progress that was of any help from the herbal medicines that was prescribed by her..All the medicines were only pure herbal mixtures which were readily available at the Ashram.We were at the Ashram not by our choice but it was a part of the training we took in Yoga and meditation at our place.We had heard about the Ashram but we did not know it was the only one in the world of its kind.We also took the meditations and we are now under its influence and we are documenting our daily experiences and waiting to go and get our heath check up done by this Nadi Pariksha Technique.

The range of Herbal Medicines.


Can We Manage - One Nadi Pariksha in One Village in Each State.

Tamil Nadu has thousands of social organizations but their contribution to villages in Tamil Nadu is practically insignificant with respect to maximum villages.They do more activities in urban areas as they do not like to spend their time in villages.Even villagers do not know how to approach these organizations.Worlds largest social organizations do more work all over the world forgetting our villages.Our villages ruled by politicians do not have the love to work for farmers and farmers do not know whom they should ask for help.The number of politicians who are elected by the people once after getting elected get selfish and forget our farmers who are the fathers of our nation.Do we have one politician in every state who is adopting one Village just to keep a village as his own and spend his time one day in a month looking after one ' Nadi Pariksha ' center looking after the health of one Village.

Some medicines for various diseases are available which can be purchased on line but you got to know what those herbal medicines visiting the websites on Ayurveda like and other websites of herbal medicines.The list of healing herbs is endless and research is going on in herbal cure for every diseases that we know which we can blindly take as they are only herbs with out any side effects at all due to the method by which a herb works correcting the imbalances in our body. A herb is a special food and not a chemical,they will eliminate what is not required by the body in a natural way.They strengthen deficiencies correct the 3 main dosha's called Tridosha which are VATA the Nerve Energy - pitta - the catabolic fire energy -kapha - anabolic nutritive energy. The body needs all the three doshas balanced.Ayurveda must be taken for good result by completely stopping all types of drinks like coffee,tea,coco cola and ready mix drinks. Yoga and Ayurveda can cure many diseases like-

1 - Acidity and Hyper Acidity.

2 - Adenitis - Big Size.

3 - AMA ( Toxic Bye Product ) Sprue Syndrome Diarrhoea.

4 - Cancer.

5 - Cataract and Glaucoma.

6 - Chronic Renal Failure.

7 - Cirrhosis of the Liver.

8 - Constipation.

9 - Coronary Artery Disease.

10 - Diabetes Type 2.

11 - Epilepsy.

12 - Fibroid Uterus.

13 - Gastric Trouble and Flatulence.

14 - Hepatitis A,B and C.

15 - Hernia.

16 - High Blood Pressure.

17 - Infertility.

18 - Joint Pain,Gout and Knee Pain.

19 - Leucouderma.

20 - Mennrorrhagia.

21 - Mental Retardation and Mongoloid in Children.

22 - Migraine,Chronic Headach and Depression.

23 - Muscular Distropy and Handycaped Children.

24 - Obesity.

25 - Oligospermia and Other Genital Diseases.

26 - Osteoporosis.

27 - Otorrhagia, Tympanitis & Deafness.

28 - Parkinsonisum.

29 - Pimples.

29 - Tumor or Adentis of any growth of Body.

30 - Ulcerative Colitis

and any other that we are getting like Burn's,Cuts,Cold,Cough and similar aliments can be effectively cured by herbs.We have survived for centuries only from ancient wisdom on herbs.There are several Home Remedies also which are prevalent in far away villages.The Village I live has over 300 people and children.They have their problem not about their health but water.There is no drinking water in my village.My school children cannot take a bath daily,they have skin infections,their teeth has turned with patches of dots in yellow and brown mix color due to florine in water.They are unable to find a place to play and NO DOCTOR or No Govt Primary Health Center for a Cluster of 9 villages with over 1000 families.Our representatives in Govt go about in only SUV with a Super White Dhoti and Jubba not even bothering to visit one village.Even the Chief Ministers cannot find time to visit our Village since 15 years.

My Village can be provided on trial basis a ' Nadi Pariksha ' center with a Ayurveda Medicine shop by the govt if child and women health care division has a vision to take up real interest in the welfare of the state.Write to anyone on the matter of interest to help improve our state and see the result of what happens.No reply even if you write 101 letters.

The List of Medicines available are endless in most of the reputed herbal medicines manufacturers and their research goes on even to our dining tables.We all know that even TATA'S manufacture Low Sodium Salt.Vegetable Oil manufacture oil with no fat,no this ot that that affects our health.Package foods and ready to eat foods also carry on their packages of late on their packing's that the product has Ginger a herb in our daily use and mostly used in our TeaIn my village there are men and woman who are over 60 years of age.They are all farmers and their children are all grown up and many have gone to industries as skilled workers after their school and many have not entered college and the old people do not know anything about Primary Health Care and the need for a PHC.

Why do we need PHC in Rural India. We all know that more than 70 % of our people live in rural area and need to get the medical help from our govt on the following major health care areas.

Growth Monitoring to prevent most child malnutrition before it begins.

Oral re hydration therapy to combat dehydration associated with diarrhea

Breastfeeding. .


Family Planning ( Birth Spacing )

Female Education.

Food Supplementation. .( as for example the need for Pregnant Woman's requirement of Iron and folic acid deficiencies )

We do not have this basic requirement in a cluster of 9 Villages in Hosur Tq of our Tamil Nadu.( We do not know where is our MP and what has he done with the funds allotted to him for his area development. Can he arrange for us to have urgently a Nadi Pariksha Center with Herbal Medicines )

Primary Health Center in Nepal.

Here is a Primary Health Center by Nadi Pariksha.


This is a Herbal Cure Clinic in Rural Kerala run by The Art Of Living Bangalore.


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    • skgrao profile imageAUTHOR

      S K G Rao. 

      5 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

    • skgrao profile imageAUTHOR

      S K G Rao. 

      5 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks do visit the website of this Ashram at

    • KwalityHerbs1 profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      Amazing Stuff....the 'Nadi Pariksha'


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